Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Ain't Sayin'....

....She a Gold Digger, but she ain't messin' wit no Brokey Broke!

Tuesday night, I stayed up to watch "Hef's Runaway Bride" on Lifetime. Yes. I did just admit that to the whole internet. The Girls Next Door has always been a guilty pleasure for me, much like Jersey Shore or Real Housewives is for other people. Sorry if you're a prude and I just offended you. Suck it up, buttercup. Anywhoo, I had followed the whole, Hef getting married thing, the wedding plan thing, the Hef giving Crystal a $70,000 engagement ring, Holly's reaction to it thing, Hef getting his fiancee a recording contract, then Crystal disappearing two days before she was supposed to get married! It was like a comedy of errors! Then there was the whole He said, she said game being played in the press and on Twitter and Facebook. Finally it all culminated in the special on Lifetime. Originally, it was supposed to be a special on the wedding, but uh.... that wasn't gonna fly. During the program, it showed how Hef pretty much gave the chick anything she asked for. New Bentley? OK! New wedding trousseau? Sure, buy anything you need! Recording contract & single released in the UK? Here ya go baby! But you could see, as she got what ever she wanted, her body language and vocal intonations started to give her away. She looked so unhappy. She looked unsettled. She looked like a gold digger that couldn't go through with her plan.

And the kicker of the whole thing was...... Hef said he never saw it coming.


This benevolent, delusional old man really believed Crystal was there specifically because she loved him. OK, maybe she loved him, but it's more likely she loved his money. They all love Hef's money! As soon as Hef has these girls on his radar, he instantly asks them to move into his mansion out of whatever crappy apartment/condo/tenement they are currently residing at, and who in their right mind is going to turn THAT down? So after they get settled in, he showers them with parties, gifts, nightlife, and trips. Then they get their "spread" in the magazine, the press junket that goes with it, and let's not forget the TV Reality Show! (That I totally love watching!) So with all that, how does Hef think they actually love him? I'm glad he believes in love. Hell, I believe in love! Still, I'm sorry Hef, but you have surrounded yourself with gold diggers. Even the old episodes with the original 3 Girls Next Door, you could tell they were soaking up everything he gave them. Ugh... it's the only thing that I was disgusted with out of the whole show. I Facebooked my faux surprise at Hef's reaction and several of my FB friends agreed that the "ladies" who do the extreme May/December romances are in it for the money.

Perhaps Hef was just in denial when he said he didn't see it coming. I'd like to think he's just being a gentleman though, and saying nice things so as not to look like a jackass bemoaning sour grapes. That just seems a little classier. Hef has always been a classy guy. Crystal, however, was just a gold digger. She waited till she got everything she wanted, and then lit out without telling a soul. Only way Hef knew she was gone was when security told him. That's cold.

So what's your take? Gold Diggers? Opportunists? Star crossed lovers?


Russ said...

I'd about say you nailed it. Gold digger.

Megan said...

I've always liked Hef, but I think he may just be delusional at this point. He's 85 years old, for goodness sakes - does he honestly believe that 25-30 woman is after anything but his money? He's old enough to be her grandfather. Who wants to fuck grandpa? Putting the physical stuff aside, what could they possibly have in common?