Sunday, July 3, 2011


Now that the pity party is over for me, lets celebrate for the good ol' USA!

BTW- Sorry if I made people feel like crap yesterday. I think I was more sad that we as a society depend on electronic babysitters to tell us when we're supposed to tell a friend happy birthday than the fact that I only had 2 people remember. I remember lots of people's birthdays. People from High school, people from college, people on my derby teams, people on the internet,...... sigh. Am I just a freak?

Anywho...... happy 4th of July people! Don't blow off an appendage celebrating! Drive sober!


Vicky said...

I just got caught back up on my blog feed and saw that it was your birthday. I didn't know as I'm not on FB. So happy belated birthday! I know what it feels like to have only family remember.

Poppy said...

Dude, I'd be PISSED if no one said happy birthday to me! LEGIT PISSED! But I leave reminders everywhere, and tell everyone "MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP" and on my birthday I say "TODAY I MY BIRTHDAY!" I don't wait for other people to remember the day I popped out of my mom's vagina. Except my mom, she should remember. :)

I'm gonna go wish you a happy birthday on your Facebook TODAY!