Thursday, July 7, 2011

6AM Wake Up Call

See that lovely pair of birds in the photo above? That my friends, is a pair of red tailed hawks. They are beautiful, graceful, and LOUD AS A MOTHER FU-OH MY GOD THEY WON'T SHUT UP!!!! They seem to be nesting in the taller trees out behind our building. The female will sit right on top of our unit and SCREECH HER FRICKIN HEAD OFF AT 6AM!! It is illegal to shoot at or throw things at a bird of prey in the state of Florida. I may have to break the law if they don't take a big dose of shut the fuck up!!

Where the hell were they when we were having our little "squirrel" problem Wednesday night??


Russ said...

Tell them to take I5 to I95 to I77 to my house. Squirrels galore!

Putz said...

oh my GOD, happy be3lated birthday>?<><>where has my head been to forget a beauty like you<<><>,.i will bang my head againsat a wall or light pole until i come to my senses<><>,.hhh would have never forgot<><>,.he has to much invested in you to be so silly, but i simply forgot<><><>no excuses, i should be whipped by a covey of damsels, oh my god please forgive me<><>,.can i send you somewhere to make up for this????paris, london, turkey< istanbull??????? right here in utah with me????please tell me what i can do<><><>lots of money????