Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So I was on Twitter the other night when I saw that there was a conversation party going on that had to do with Universal. Now, you all know we love us some Universal Studios, so I started inserting myself into the conversations going on. It was nice.... everyone chatted about their fave places to go, hotels, stuff to do and I got a couple of retweets too..... then when it was done and everyone was saying good bye, I offered a few of the people who had nationally recognized blogs my point of view about traveling with medically needy kids for vacations....

and two of them accepted!

O holy mother of frack! What had I gotten myself into?

So, as I had recently told a friend who asked me about how I can pretty much write every day and how can he blog like that, I started doing my research. I went back over to their blogs and reread post after post. I then wrote an article and started editing it. And editing. And editing some more. I asked Twitter for an opinion and sent it out to whom ever gave me their email. Then I chose photos and such and sent it off.

I love to write. I love to blog. It was awesome to craft words into something that might get viewed all over the internet! The hardest part was coming up with a bio for myself. I'm not good at touting any of the scant attributes I might have. I slucked together something though. I'd put it on here, but Blogger is an ass and won't let me copy & paste it in without erasing all this stuff. Bugger!

Now let's hope the ladies I sent it off to like it!
(PS- I am on pain pills writing this, so if it sounds stilted, oopsies!)

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