Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Watch this video.

This Saturday, the Bradenton Derby Brats will be having their June, inter-league bout. This month's charity is the JDRF. You all know my two Brats have type 1 diabetes. At the tender age of 2 years & 16 months, they were diagnosed with this auto immune disease and started the long road of daily injections, only being able to eat certain foods, and constantly checking their blood sugar. Now they're 12 & 9 and are playing roller derby. Being active is part of staying healthy when you have diabetes. This Saturday they will be representing not just their teams, but kids with diabetes. Now it the part where you come in....

If you live close enough to Bradenton Florida, think about getting up a little early, ok A LOT EARLY, this Saturday 6/25 to come watch these awesome kids play the sport of roller derby. There will be a raffle and a bake sale as well, and every dime the kids make will be donated to the JDRF right after the bout ends because a representative from the Suncoast chapter of the JDRF will be there! If you can't make it to watch the kids give their all, then click on this, JDRF, and it will take you to a page where you can make a tribute donation to the cause! Just mention it's for the Bradenton Derby Brats.

My two kids live with diabetes every day. They are used to it now, but I still wish they didn't have to deal with it. Diabetes is close to a cure. It could happen in the next 20 years as long as research is kept rolling!

The Derby Brats want to keep it rolling, for Ketoacidosis & Dyna-Mo. Please Help Us!

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