Friday, June 17, 2011

Point Being Made

Not to push the point or anything, but in one week, the Bradenton Derby Brats will have their June Bout. That's the one where the charity is for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. During this morning's practice, Dyna-Mo & Ketoacidosis will be doing a short video to give the bout some PR and to show people that the face of Type 1 Diabetes is young, strong, and active! Lots of people don't know the Mo & Keto are diabetic. Lately though, we have had an audience when doing the after practice blood sugar checks and insulin shots. It's been kind of funny. Not sure what the kids think of all this, but they have been taking it in stride.

So... if you have a chance and want to help a great cause with some awesome kids, make plans to come to Bradenton FL for a junior roller derby bout. It's a good time, and these are extraordinary kids!


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