Friday, June 24, 2011

Play Ball!

Was out with the team Friday night at the Bradenton Marauders Baseball game. It was Bradentucky Bomber night and a few of us were skating around through the crowd to drum up some support for the July 10th bout against Sintral. I was on Linkskates zipping in and out of the crowd, trying to draw attention to our little table where we were giving out flyers for the bout. It also happened to be FCW night as well. For those who don't know, that's Florida Championship Wrestling. It's the farm club for the WWE that runs out of Tampa. There were quite a few wrestlers there, not many that I knew of, but I recognized Husky Harris, and HHH recognized Trent Barreta. The funny thing was, in the middle of the 3rd inning, the ball club had a dance contest between a few of the wrestlers and Us... us consisting of Malice In Rollerland and myself. So down we go onto the field, these big bulky wrestlers and us roller girls. Somehow, there was 4 of them, and only two of us! So they start blaring the Tootsie Roll on the PA system and off we went. So we're dancing... the wrestlers are goofing around, Malice is dancing with the Marauder's Mascot, and I'm just doing a modified electric slide. Finally it stops and the guy running the show asks the crowd who they think won.

Who won???

You guessed it! Malice and I!!! Whoo hoo! We didn't win anything, except the bragging rights of beating former Smackdown star Trent Barreta, which is a cool thing in and of itself!

Unfortunately, it started raining right after the dance contest! BOO! Since the kids had their bout coming up Saturday morning, we made the decision to leave. Can't have the Two Diabetic Poster kids come to the bout sick! It was an awful storm too. Driving back home through it sucked! Nothing like people almost stopping because of rain. We got back home and everyone went to bed, readying for the big day coming up!

So can I say I beat a Smackdown Wrestler now??? LOL!

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