Friday, June 3, 2011


That's my face directly after my daughter smacked me square in the face with one of those water balls that you use to splash people with. With a full load of water, the damn thing must weigh 5 pounds. Add gravity to that and in one fell swoop, she had smacked me, broke my sunglasses on my face, and cut my nose. seeing as how I was also treading water at the time, I was lucky I didn't drown as all I could see was stars from when I was struck!

Needless to say, I was bedridden the rest of the day. I know damn well I didn't have a concussion either, (it was a frickin' water ball for Christs sakes!), but I was nauseous, dizzy, and sick! Hopefully I feel better before derby practice! If not, I won't be able to drive! EEK!

What I really want to know is, why are all my injuries coming from my family and NOT from derby in the first place?? It's down right embarrassing!

Now to appeal to any available deity that I don't get a black eye in the morning!

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Karl said...

I think you're just hazard prone. At least your family didn't cause your ACL injury. Or did they?