Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Once Again....

Hidden gluten sucks.

And not just gluten I didn't see or realize, but gluten some ignorant ass of a chef or baker "promises" isn't in their food, but yup. It's there. I'll explain.

I accidentally booby trapped myself Tuesday night. HHH asked me to make him some onion rings. Ok. No problem. I am making the onion rings, setting up the plate and then I did the stupidest thing ever. I ate 6 of them.

OMG! I am sooooooo stupid some time!

So all day Wednesday I felt like crap. HUGE crap. Sick, nauseous, ugly, crap. HHH felt bad for me. He went and got me a smoothie and then stopped by a little bakery that had just opened. He was talking to the baker and asking him if they had any gluten free treats. The guy said no, but he was developing some soon. Then HHH asked if the cheesecake cups were ok for me and the baker said "Sure, just don't eat the crust on the bottom." So HHH bought a cherry cheesecake cup for me. It was delicious. So good! And I cut the crust off the bottom and gave it to Junior.

30 minutes later.....

I'm DYING! I was feeling horrible. Poor HHH thinks he POISONED me! I looked it up and yep. Cheesecake uses flour as a thickener. Gah! I wanted to die. I wanted to throw up! I wanted to crawl into a hole. It wasn't pretty. Wanna know the best part? We were on our way to dinner! Great! We ended up having dinner. I started feeling better after some time went by, not by much, but some. We got through dinner and then a little shopping before going home and then I was blah for the rest of the night.

So now I guess I'm not even going to be able to take a baker or chef's word when it comes to gluten in their stuff!

Frustrated.... thy name is Blondefabulous!


Russ said...

It's everywhere!

phinz said...

That sucks.

Maybe since the bakery was new, the baker simply didn't realize. Maybe you should talk to him, just to give him a head's up. Yes, he should know this already, but a chat with someone who really is allergic (as opposed to just reading about it) will enlighten him. It might even encourage him to go as gluten-free as possible.

Megan said...

I think many people don't understand exactly what gluten is and where it comes from. We've been experiencing this a lot lately, especially when it comes to things you wouldn't think have gluten. Resturant sour cream, for example, dry roasted nuts for another.

We were just in LA, and I will tell you that most people there "get" what gluten-free is and know that you have to keep things separate. Although there are still some who don't and fail to realize how badly a gluten-free pizza that isn't can affect someone (Mitch ate what was billed as GF pizza, but it apparently wasn't).

Anonymous said...

You complain yet you eat crap food like mcds and bux

Blondefabulous said...

TO ANON(since you can't be bothered to respond as yourself): Many fast food restaurants will gladly forgo the bun for you, if you ask. And Starbucks has a fresh veg, hummus,& grilled chicken snack plate along with a fruit plate, along with gluten free cake, etc..... What I was getting at was when you ask a restaurant or bakery POINT BLANK to own up if something has gluten in it and they say it's safe, THEN you get sick as a dog because of their thoughtlessness, it sucks ass.

Perhaps next time you could actually bother to log in and use your real name & addy so I can email back my reply instead of correcting you in front of the whole class.

Vicky said...

Its the same way being a vegetarian. We always ask if the dish has meat in it or if the soup uses a vegetable broth or a chicken broth. Some know and some give us sketchy answers. If I don't trust their answer I don't order it. One time we asked our server if the dish was vegetarian and he said yes. Another server overheard and came over to tell us that no, the sauce contained chicken brother.

It so hard to get straight answers, that I usually research it myself before going out. But this is why we don't go out to eat often.