Sunday, June 19, 2011


Sunday was just lovely! I drove out bright and early & procured doughnuts for HHH as requested. I even brought him back chocolate milk to go with them. After the reading of the cards...(I let the kids buy a different card each rather than try to get them to decide on one card together, a virtually impossible feat.)... it was off to lunch at the mall and Best Buy to find a cable to hook up the lap top to the TV for viewing movies we've purchased online! There had been a HUGE crowd at the mall on the day before(Saturday), and you couldn't even go near from the crush of the crowd. Sunday it was much lighter, with the crowds thronging the restaurants on the south end. We ate in the food court instead of waiting hours for a table elsewhere. Then it was a jaunt around to look in the various stores then back home to hook up the computer and watch "THOR". After that it was time to go out to dinner. Dinner consisted of a usual southern fare on Father's day, Sonny's BBQ. They have a free dinner for fathers who show with their progeny in tow. Dinner was excellent! Then we walked around Wall to Wall Mart a bit then off to Steak & Shake for milkshakes as dessert!

All in all, it was lovely! Only weird thing the whole day was when Mo & I went to get the doughnuts. As I started the truck, there was this great knocking sound coming from beneath the hood. I drove off listening to it bang around a bit, then it stopped. All I could think was some damn squirrel or other various & sundry animal had hidden in the engine! I made HHH look later that day at it and he didn't see anything. Whew!

How was your Father's Day?

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