Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fuck Yeah Roller Derby Otter!

Tee hee! I just found this site called Fuck Yeah Roller Derby Otter! It is amazing! It's made by derby skaters, for derby skaters, about derby stuff that happens. Don't worry if you don't understand them all, I do. And that's what's important. Check out the site. It's funny!

I hear this all the time when I am out in one of my jerseys and someone says, "You play the roller derby? I watched that in the 70's! It was so fake." Yeah gramps, it's fake. Come sit in the suicide seats next bout and I'll show you just how fake it is when I hip check some random skater into your crotch! Enjoy your squashed balls!

Hee hee hee..... we tackle you because we LOVE you! Don't you know that?!??

I saw Whip It like everyone else and it is on the banked track. I play flat track derby, mainly because banked tracks are expensive and hard to set up and take down. I can imagine me saying that above if I ever, EVER got on a banked track.

Because one tiny little pebble will send you flying to your doom! Trust me on this!

This last one is for Karl, who is in need of surgery after his one practice with my old derby team, the Sarasota Roller Girls. Sorry about the hand,.... and the wrist,.... and the shoulder...... Heh heh heh.........

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Karl said...

I will never, ever say that roller derby is fake. That's a promise.