Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Diet

This is Fluffawuffagus, or Fluffy as you may know him. He's a Heinze 57 mix of cat who actually grew up thinking he was a dog for the first 4 years of his life. He's great. Unlike most cats, Fluffy will actually let you turn him over on his back and rub his tummy without slicing off your arm! Cool, yes.... awesome, yes.... But!

Lately, there has been more and more tummy to rub!

Now, nobody has really said anything. He's healthy, he exercises more or less like any other cat. He has a good coat, bright eyes, clean ears, and a healthy appetite. There in lies our problem..... My cat is fat.

He's not as fat as some of the cats. I remember Amber & Casper, two cats that belonged to a client I cleaned for, and they weighed 27lbs and 25lbs respectively. They were obese cats. My cat is just fat. He has a buddah belly that is really becoming prominent under all that fur. Knowing what I know about overweight people and the toll it takes on their joints and health, and I know I don't want that happening to Fluffers. So, I put him on a diet. Usually, I dump a bowl full of food in his dish, and he grazes during the day.... ALL DAY. That stopped. I read the bags and looked up what the actual portions size was for an adult male cat. Turns out, I'm supposed to feed Fluffy 2x a day, anywhere from 1/2 to 2/3's of a cup of food. OK. I started doing that on Saturday. The way Fluffy acted, you'd have think I checked him into a deserted island!

The first two photos were of him laying prostrate across the bed in protest of me only filling his bowl with the new, smaller portions. Oh was he upset with me! Then came the sneaking. First, we had to stop him from sneaking the dogs food. Then came the Mission Impossible, Trying to break into the pantry stuff. All Monday night/Tuesday morning, I heard "rattle, rattle, rattle" & "jiggle, squeak, jiggle". He was shoving his paw under the folding pantry door and trying to jiggle the door open. Yes, he knows how to do this. He used to jiggle open the bathroom door when I'd shut it just so he could come into the bathroom with me. (he always love a captive petting audience.) So I had to circumvent that too.

Now I'm just waiting to see what's next! I fully expect to have a brick dropped on me and have my dinner stolen once I come to!


LeSombre said...

I'm so happy I'm not your cat. Just sayin'.


Russ said...

My dog has a bit of the budda belly too, but she getting in years and can't walk like she used to. We've cut back on her food and that helped some.

Megan said...

They are so funny. One of my dogs is a huge foodie who acts like every meal is the last one he'll ever get.