Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I think everyone pretty much knows HHH is a maintenance guy. He fixes the stuff that breaks in the community he works and we live in. Besides fixing the toilets, AC systems, and various other things that break, he also gets to clean out units that get vacated. Lots of times, those units are vacated to avoid paying back rent. In the process of vacating these units(usually in the dead of night), stuff.... LOTS of stuff, gets left behind. Yesterday was one of those days.

HHH came home yesterday with a shoebox. A rather ordinary shoebox, didn't look like much. Then he flipped it open.... and it had almost 75 plastic sleeved comic books! So I asked on Twitter and FB about them, but no one really had a definitive answer. Then HHH went on a Comic Book Price site. Most of them were worth maybe $4 to $10 bucks, but then he input the specs on a 1986 Capt. America featuring Wolverine. That one had all kinds of bells & whistles. Possibly LOTS of bells and whistles! One apparently went for $3000+ at auction in grade 9 condition! That would be cool. And with the new Capt. America movie getting ready to drop, who knows what it could go for if it turns out to be what we think it is??

Either or.... it is a pretty cool find. The ads for products in the back are like a time machine. Ads for Game Genie, Super Nintendo, gums, TV shows, and even one for the live action Super Mario Bros. movie! Oh man..... talk about a time capsule. Most of the books were from the early 1990's and encased in plastic for their protection. I'm working out having them being looked at soon. We'll see....

So I guess this is kind of an Antiques Roadshow or the graphic generation. I'll keep you updated!


Russ said...

I'm not a huge commics fan, but that is pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

$3k? Someone got ripped off. There are four for sale at for $17-$28 in near-mint condition.