Monday, June 6, 2011

Boom Shaka Laka

And with one fell swoop, school is over and summer has begun. My child in the above photo is the one in the blue leopard print dress with the lime green socks! Oh yes, my derby girl was showing her attitude when receiving her diploma!

And she was happy! Oh was she happy! With all the difficulties she had with her teacher, bullies, nurses and the like, Morgan persevered and won out, getting promoted to Middle School. I am very proud of my baby!
Then there's Mr. Man here. He got an award from his teacher for responsibility! Who? My kid?? No way man! LOL!

Then the kids read poetry till lunch, where I was treated to the best fare Florida's public schools could offer! (heh, heh...) After that, it was checking out of school for the last time and saying good bye to the people we've known for the last 3 years. I was sad to say good bye to Desiree, the nurse who has cared for my babies for so long. She and the other ladies in the office are like family now, and we will really miss them, but thank God for Twitter and FB! You can keep track that way!

So let the relaxation start! I am ready for it!

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Russ said...

congrats! it looks like your kids are rising above their peers who would hold them back.