Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The kids and I went somewhere today. It was a place called BOING! Jump Center. Basically, take a shitload of trampolines, line the room with them, add kids, and poof! Instant fun! I was a little wary of it, having my knee troubles and all, but, off we went!

Once you get in the door, you're greeted cheerily by a guy behind the counter who asks if you have been there before. If the answer is yes, he pulls up your file on the computer, checks your information for being current, then gets you started. If the answer is no, you have to fill out waivers. Being a newbie, I was sent to the waiver table.

You have to fill out a waiver for every. frickin. person. Adults, kids, everyone. And you HAVE to be the parent or LEGAL (it's in all capitals on their form!) guardian of any minors you have with you or they will not jump. After you fill out the necessary "Yes we won't be stupid jackasses" waivers, we went back to the counter and were rung up. The cost of jumping in a room full of trampolines is $12 for the first hour, and $9 every hour there after. Jump shoes and soft helmets for the youths are included in that price. We spent $51.65 for the four of us. That's right. I said FOUR of us. If we were gonna do this, we were gonna do it as a family, Mom included. The counter guy gave us matching color bracelets(pink) and we moved on to the equipment counter to get shoes and helmets for the kidlets.

After we were properly helmeted(Them, not me. Apparently, adults can splat their brains all over, no problem.) and shod, we walked back to the jump arenas. There are two different arenas to use. We started out in the beginner/free jump arena. We met the ref shirted Jump Coordinator and he gave us a run down of the rules. No wrestling, no sitting on the trampolines, no trying to reach the ceiling, and no more than 2 people on a trampoline at a time. OK. We had our instructional and then we were off! The kids took a moment to get into it, but then BOOM! Junior was off like a shot! Now remember, even the walls of this place are trampolines. Junior would start off on one side of the room and bounce across 5 to 6 trampolines as fast as he could then LAUNCH himself into the wall, then bounce back and shoot back to the other side of the room ad naseum! The look on his face was priceless! I was bouncing with them too. Mostly just bouncing on a single trampoline, but still, my kids are HUGE into full participation. So we were giggling and bouncing together!

After a bit, we went to check out the other arena. There we found dodge ball. Oh yes, the "Bean someone as hard as you can" kind of dodge ball. We played a few rounds of that, then I went back to the open jump room with Mo. She and I jumped around for a bit when Eldest came over and declared.... "I'm Bored." Great. Of course the 14 year old is bored. So we went back over to the dodgeball arena because the other side of it was an acrobatic jump with a big soft crash pad. Eldest looked dubious till I showed her that it didn't hurt. Yeah, I bounced across 2 trampolines and launched myself into the air only to land on the soft crash pad. It was AWESOME! Eldest was tentative at first, but then she really got into it! Soon she was no longer bored, but turning somersaults in the air and landing on the crash pad! It was amazing. I was doing barrel rolls as high as I could, Junior was doing flippies, and Mo was just doing spread eagle face plants! It was great!

Finally, we heard our group color called and were given a choice of paying $9 for another hour, or turning in our equipment and leaving. We chose to go, mostly because we were wrung out! Jumping on a trampoline may sound like kids play, but we were sweating our fannies off! The kids were drenched! Our first stop after leaving was at the corner 7-11 to get a Big Gulp of Gatorade!

So, to sum it all up, BOING! is the shizznit! No lie. Even if you're not an athletic person, you can still have a great time. I was thankful for my derby experience. Made keeping my balance a little easier. The kids and I had a blast and are planning our next bouncing! BOING! doesn't have many locations. In fact, I think this is the only one they have. From talking with the extremely chatty counter guys though, I hear there is another center getting ready to open in Orlando too!

I bet the place will be hoppin'!

*I was not paid, gifted, or otherwise compensated for this post. I spent my own, (OK, HHH's) money for us to go to this business and it totally rocked our socks off, so I thought you all should know about it!


Russ said...

Sounds like a blast! The last time I did trampolines was as a child on vacation in Cape Cod. Even then, it wasn't nearly as cool as that. But it was outside, which was neat.

Karl said...

Man, that sounds cool. The only fun I had today was the MRI.