Saturday, June 25, 2011

About The Bout!

The bout was a grand success! We raised almost $300 for the JDRF! Dyna-Mo and Ketoacidosis received a bookbag full of goodies from the JDRF guy who was in attendance. I spoke to him a little and he said that when he was diagnosed with Type-1 all people & doctors ever told him was what he COULDN'T do. He said people need to see kids like mine to show the world what diabetics CAN do! And boy did they do it! Dyna-Mo was on the Castle Crashers team (black shirts) and they won! By a rather large margin too! I was proud of Mo because she got two grand slams when she was jamming! That's where you pass everyone, even the opposing jammer! That's pretty darn cool! Now on to the photos!

That's my man Keto, officiating!

This was Dyna-Mo during one of her Grand Slam passes!

This was the JDRF representative, Scooter,(yes... THAT WAS HIS NAME!) when he gave Mo and Keto their backpacks from the JDRF.

Dyna-Mo and her friend, Coconut Smackeroon stretching out before the bout!

It was pandalerium at the raffle table! My LUSH bag is on the end, green with purple paper! It was wildly popular!!

Keto, Mo, & Smackeroon warming up!

Keto with his adult ref, Prosehack. All the kid refs have an adult ref to help them out!

Dyna-Mo has her serious face on!

Alley Capone and me! One of the few photos that rarely get taken of me!

So a great time was had by all and we raised a bunch of money for a good cause!


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Congrats on a successful fundraiser!