Monday, May 9, 2011

Why Do I Care?

I lived in Memphis TN from 2003 to 2007. We lived in various spots across the city, but the place I loved the most was when we lived on Mud Island. It didn't sound like much, but it was one of the best portions of real estate in the city! 1 to 5+ million dollar houses, condos, high end businesses, and apartment rentals, plus Tom Lee Park on the south end of it all. And it really was an island, separated from down town by the Wolf River. There was a great linear park that was below the levee and ran alongside the Mississippi River. I used to walk Toby there and let him run free amongst the green grasses. See that photo above? That's the same linear park.... under 20 to 30 ft of water! The sculpture and bike racks are up a huge hill that is supposed to protect the island, but is almost inundated by the mighty, rushing waters!
And in another example, This is a Putt Putt facility that we as a family have been to many times. It's under water as well. There will be no birdie on THAT par 4 today! The faux elephants and other animals seemed confused here, almost as if asking, "Uh... I think the watering hole sprung a leak!"

And finally, a view of the same park where the water is even higher and almost to the point of swamping the main road on Mud Island!! I knew the people who lived in those houses! I jogged by them, walked the dog by them, went trick or treating at them with the kids, Heck! I worked at Miss Cordelia's Grocery & Restaurant... a job I was excited to have and go to!

I left Memphis behind with the knowledge I most likely wouldn't see it again. There were plenty of bad memories there that I didn't want to go back. The crime, the poor educational system, the bankrupt medical system, all of it was in our rear view mirror as we took I-40 the heck out of there, yet why do I feel a keen sense of loss? Why is it when I see the CNN photos of the flooding am I taken aback? It's the people. The people are what's bringing me back to those memories. Memphis in May, Beale Street, Rendezvous BBQ, Northgate and Da Bay, ...... They are all there, plus all the residents of Harbor Town I knew from working there for 4.5 years! All the kids, animals, couples, celebrities...... I hope someone is starting a We Are Memphis movement. Someone needs to.

Someone save the town I never really claimed as my own!!

Photo Galleries where I found the above photos can be found here in the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

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