Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Makes People....

Think it's ok to infringe on others in a public place? I mean really? What is it that makes a someone say to themselves... "Hey, I'm going to just plop down in this seat with my friend and we are going to talk so damn loud, and be so gross that everyone around us will be disturbed for life!" I'm dealing with this.

Wednesday morning, I was in my usual comfy chair at Bux. I keep my stuff relatively close. My purse and laptop bag are buy the chair on the floor, My coffee & snack is right on my left on my edge of the communal table, and I keep my laptop on my lap... duh! Then, this woman from the photo waltzes in! She throws down her bag on the communal table seen in the photo table and then when her friend comes to join her, they proceed to take up almost the whole damn corner! The photo above shows how the one woman's crap is taking up the small table to the left of my seat. Only thing on that table that's mine is my coffee cup, and I was here first! Their shit is everywhere, including the coffee table in front of me! Bags and purses all over the tables, oozing out of their chairs and even better.... they are loud. Not the loud only for a moment as they greet each other, but every. Fucking. Word. Is LOUD! I have my earbuds in so I can avoid convo with strangers and people thinking I am here to pick up a date or whatever, and usually I listen to my radio station online with them. These women were drowning out my Ke$ha & Lady Gaga. They were filtering into my concentration with talk of health issues, their husbands, car vandalism, and such.... Ugh.

So the question now is, what makes it ok for them to be totally oblivious of how irritating they were? And it wasn't just me who noticed. There were several people who actually got up and headed out to the tables outside to brave the south Florida heat to escape these ladies endless prattle! As I still had 3 more hours to wait, I just kept turning up my volume and trying to ignore them. It didn't help.

Who annoys you the most when your at your favorite watering hole?

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