Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Waiting to get into class.

Doing morning classwork before leaving.

Saying hi to everyone since Mom was FB-ing the trip.

Breakfast. (photo out of order.)

Class photo in front of the theater!

Looking at the program for the "Under 6" performance.

Jr. & Mom at the theater.

The program is starting!

Jr. & I on the bus. The driver was an oppressive Nazi who couldn't get out of 2nd gear, and NO I am not kidding!

After the theater, we went to the Island Park to view "Embracing Our Differences", a huge art installment at the park.

This one really caught the kids attention. It was my favorite. Jr's favorite too.

The view from Island Park over towards the Ringling Bridge. Ah... so nice.

The class photo at Island Park.

Jr. says, "It's really bright out here!"

Lunch time on the lawn under the trees....

Cheeto fingers!

And being the great role model I am, I gave the squirrel who approached us cheeto fingers as well! We named him Mr. Chippy! (I got in semi-trouble!)

And Jr. with the Tiki as we were leaving.

All in all, it was a good day! The kids of the class actually remember me and like me. Even better, they LISTEN to me! (Hee hee..... that may be a mistake on the school's part!) Jr. is a sweet boy and as long as he wants me around, I guess I'll be there!

I did have the teacher, whom I've named Ms. Perky, come up to me as I was leaving to go pick up Becca from the middle school and say to me..

"I have to say that we have enjoyed you coming along on our field trips and I want you to know that who ever it was that said you needed to "let go" of your kids at school was just wrong for saying that to you. Parents who care and are involved with their children's education are just so special and I welcome you here any time."

I felt bad for wanting to trip her earlier that morning when she was skipping to the bus!

Not a bad way to end the year I guess!

Thanks Ms. Perky!!

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