Thursday, May 26, 2011

Swan Song.

Tonight the young and I are going to Eldest's last Emo Poetry Night for the year, and forever for her. What with moving and her graduating from 8th year, she isn't going to see these kids anymore, most likely. The final Poetry night is called Swan Song because it is the last one for the 8th years and they stay after school, order Chinese food, and spend some quality time writing, talking, and sharing their experiences from the past 3 years. Since it is her last night for this, I told her we'd come see it and stay the whole time. She is a great writer. She just got chosen as an Outstanding Writer in the National Promising Young Writers Program. She was one of 4 kids chosen from Florida, and one of 111 chosen from across the US! I was very proud when I heard this from her! I loved writing when I was in school. I wrote a little in college too, but when I got married and had kids, I let it slip away till I started blogging. Now it seems one of my children has inherited my writing bug. I'm so proud! One's a writer, one's a Derby Girl, and one's a great student & a skater!!

Can't ask for more than that, eh?


Megan said...

Excellent! Congratulations!

upset waitress said...

Nicole are you on Facebook? WOW your kids have grown so much!