Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Smart Cookie!

My little Junior Mint had his award ceremony today! He received the A-B Honor Roll award.....
He got Third Place at the Sarasota County Fair for his radish growing project!! That one was a complete surprise! Junior practically sprung to the stage when they called his name for it!

He was extremely proud of the radish thing! He worked so hard on it and I helped him, but all I really did was buy him dirt and a pot to grow them in. He did all the watering, tending, and journaled about it!

And last but not least, he also got the Athletic Award! I figured he'd get this one because he is so in shape from doing his roller derby!

So he had a pretty good haul by the time he was done! I called HHH and told him about all the great awards Junior had won! I almost brok out in tears when I told HHH about the radishes & 3rd place ribbon! So proud of my little man!

Congrats Junior!


Megan said...

Well done, Junior!

Putz said...

well well well done young fellow