Tuesday, May 10, 2011

People Are People....

.... So why are they so damn funny to watch?

I have been camping out in a Starbucks for the last two weeks, and will continue to do so until June 6th. See, when HHH got his new job in Valrico and we moved up there, I asked if it would be worth it to move the kids with one month left in the school year. I was told unequivocally... NO! So here I am, killing 7.5 hours in a coffee house slowly sipping Pike Place Roast and nibbling what ever I can afford. One thing that has made it not so tedious has been the people watching.

I guess you get all kinds in a Starbucks, and let me tell you, I think I have seen them all..... well, almost. Haven't seen any celebrities yet.

  • Tuesday I saw weird hair, popped collar guy. By weird hair, I mean he had a Friar Tuck bald spot going on, but had taken what I guessed was his bangs and gelled them into an almost vertical flip up! Add to that his popped collar and CSI:Miami shades as he got hiss coffee and I was hard pressed not to chuckle directly at him!
  • PDA Couple. These people needed a room. Seriously! They waited for their coffees in the comfy chairs by where I set up and had to scoot together as close as possible to play touchy feely grab ass. Then, as an added bonus, when their order was called, the woman had a straight black extra shot venti Pike Place, and the man had a grande mocha frappaccino, extra whip, extra drizzle & sprinkles. That's real manly right there. Only thing it was missing was a fruity umbrella! FFS!
  • Self Important Artist/Writer/Musician. These people show up all the time. They look emo or hip, take your pick, and sit away from everyone, but still where they can be seen. On Friday, there was a guy with a sketch book who leered at every pretty girl that came in. His reasoning for this (I over heard when someone asked him what he was doing) was he was sketching a female figure and getting inspiration from the clientele at Starbucks. Yeah, what ever dude!
  • Fashionistas! Ha ha ha.... these ones kill me! These ladies of every age range come in here with every hair in place, trendy clothing looking fab, and waltz up to the counter ordering in breathy voices! It's like watching a fashion show! Then there was the woman who got caught in a thunder shower in a white linen tank top, & no bra!! Hoo boy! Ever male in the place was tripping over their tongues! Even the gay guy who was behind the counter, but it was suggested when I FB'd a photo of her that the gay guy was probably eyeing her purse.(It really was exquisite!) And did I mention it was COLD in here when that happened!?!
And I am sure there will be more as I have about 3 more weeks of doing this! Yesterday was overly cologned redneck, weird old guy, & smelly student day. Can't wait to see what the rest of the week will hold!!

PS- I wrote this in left justify just for Karl Erikson because he said me constantly centering the text was killing his brain!


Karl said...

The people-watching has got to be fantastic there. And see? Left-justified...soooo much nicer. ;)

phinz said...

I LOVE to people-watch. I never mind sitting somewhere just because of this.
Good descriptions!!! I feel kinda bad for white linene tank top lady, but hey, that's what can happen! I would have LOVED to see all the tongues lolling . . .lol!

And I agree with Karl. The left justify is so much easier to read. But you're BlondeFabulous! So do what feels good to you!