Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh Hai Mom!

I was perusing the internets at Bux the other day when I kept coming across lists for what to get your mom for mothers day. Some of the lists were very specific, and others had room for interpretation. Either or... not a single one of them had anything I would have been interested in. As a woman who has a refined taste for Hand Turkeys at Thanksgiving and Macaroni Christmas Trees in winter, I usually treasure the sweet gifts my kids bring home from school. Lately though, the school has partnered with Publix Bakery and has been offering the kids a chance to decorate a heart shaped cake for mom for the bargain price of $8 a cake! Great idea, but I have Celiac's disease, so cake is a no go for me. Since the school is putting emphasis on the cakes, there is a marked reduction in home made school art for mom. Sigh, so to remedy this HHH has said he'd take the kids shopping for me, so what did I want?

Hmmm.... What DO I want?

I certainly don't want the Bram Egyptian Clay Cooker that Bon Appetit' swears will be the end all, be all of my existence. For $92 I'd rather go out and have someone cook my soup for me, besides, I have industrial sized stock pots for that! Jewelry is also something that isn't big for me either. I'm pretty simple and usually just wear my rings and that's it. No muss, no fuss... Sorry Jared, HHH won't be going to you. Oh, and flowers and chocolate? Did I mention I was a rough ass roller girl who is in mid season trying to keep her figure toned and tight? I wouldn't have time to water the flowers and the chocolate would disappear before I ever got around to it, which would be sometime around late August when the season is over. FTD & Russel Stovers will just have to peddle that elsewhere!

I like the irreverent, the unusual, the awesome! Things like my Pig from Angry Birds fame. (and as soon as I find where I packed him, he will continue his journeys) A great grind of coffee would also work, even though I have become a barista more for my kids in the morning than for myself. New wheels and bearings are always a welcome gift for me too, roller girl that I am. Oh, and let's not forget my new fascination with my camera. A bigger flash and a longer range lens would be met with squeals of approval. Still,.... perhaps I could get a hand drawing showing sunny skies, green grass, and my stick figure family skipping through a field of flowers.

To me, that is fine art & the best gift ever.

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