Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Day, New Hang Out.

So.... Thursday I took the truck in to the dealership to get the AC checked out. The same AC that hasn't worked correctly since we bought the truck. Well, they got a new service manager, so when I made the payment to them on Monday, I asked about them looking at it again or at least letting me take it to a specialist with the cost to be deducted from our loan total. Ha! That got the manger moving! Talk of them losing $$$ over something that should have been fixed months ago has an effect on people apparently. So we made an appointment for Thursday morning. I got there at 8am as promised, and then headed over to the McDonalds to wait it out.

Upon arrival I was greeted by Consuela. You remember the fun we had with her a few months back? Yeah... I ordered a fruit & walnut snack and an un-sweet tea and set up in a corner of the restaurant. That's when the first problem occurred. While McD's has free wifi for their customers, they DO NOT have power outlets, something I was only made aware of when I saw my battery was almost dead! (thanks for plugging it in after you were done last night, honey!) So I used it for a minute, then had to shut it off. Boo! Then it was on to my phone. When I looked up though, I saw the lobby had filled with a shit ton of old people. Like way old people. Like enough old people to keep an undertaker convention busy for a month or more! They were everywhere! That's Sarasota for you..... God's Waiting room! I played a few rounds of angry birds, and decided I'd head back.

As I was getting up to go back to the dealership and charge up all my goods, I went to the bathroom one more time.... and OMG there was an outlet hidden in the far corner at the table next to the bathroom!!! Happy Day!!! I immediately took possession of said table and plugged EVERYTHING in! (heh, heh) So I was back on line, working the social thingy, checking mail, all that jazz......

Then the lunch crowd started to file in... and you know what?


Yep. I said it. People are assholes. Heck, I can be an asshole too, not gonna deny that. When I was tired and my knee was in pain I was a huge asshole to the Publix cashier & her customers in front of me on Tuesday, but then, she was being an extremely slow, tedious fuck and they were buying gift cards in the check out line instead of at the service desk where it's faster anyway. Still, it doesn't excuse me from my actions. Now in McD's... people are EXTREME assholes.

"Where's my food?"
"I said a large! Can't you hear me?"
"No I don't want a fucking apple pie!"

I mean, jeeze! Calm down! 2 for $1 apple pies are nothing to get tweeked over! Of course, my favorite was the chubby kid who came in with his parents. This little dude wanted a happy meal, so mom & dad ordered it up for him. He was a loud, cheeky little bugger too. Had no inside voice whatsoever! He had a voice that cut right through my earbuds too! His final rant is what got me though. He started bitching about how he didn't want the healthy apple slices in his meal, and would much rather have an ice cream cone instead! (I feel the need to say this kid looked 7 or 8, and about 75 pounds overweight!) Thank God his parents said no! The ruckus he put up as they dragged him out the door was just phenomenal! So see? There are even kid assholes in the fast food world!

Anywho, the dealership really needs to get wifi. Seriously! And some vending machines. And some comfy couches..... And they really need to fix my AC before I melt in the South Florida heat!!!!

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