Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today was a big pain in my ass. See, on Saturday, as I was coming back from Eldest's ballet recital the truck began to act a little funny, and by funny I mean while we were cruising at 70mph on I-75 in the rain it decided to drop out of gear and almost blow a gasket or something! I freaked out, took it out of cruise and pulled over. It was being stubborn and didn't want to drop into gear! HOLY SHIT! I thought, "Great, the tranny is dying!" So then on Sunday, HHH tried to head up to his dad's to install and AC. Yeah, he didn't get more than an hour up the road when it tried to die on him. Needless to say, HHH had to baby it back to the house, and come Monday morning I was right at the dealership's door.

At first they thought it was the tranny. They asked me if I wanted to look at another vehicle to switch it out. I looked at a few, but the problem was they wanted more money down right then and there. Uh... HELLO! If I had more money I'd have told you in the first place fuckers!!! So when I said I didn't have the $$, they started working harder to find out what was really wrong with the truck. Turns out it was a $116 part that the truck can do with out. I gave the go ahead, and they cut the faulty part off and straight welded the exhaust back together and the truck worked perfectly! YAY!! And on the plus side... it sounds a lot more manly. The exhaust is louder and gives me the strange feeling that I want to wear steel toed boots and operate heavy equipment!

I still want a BMW though! (birthday coming up! ;-))


Karl said...

Glad they were able to fix it for you. Nothing like a non-working vehicle to stress you out.

Bubblewench said...

Just glad it was a somewhat inexpensive fix..still sucks you went through all that..