Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Really Need....

  • To unpack more.
  • To get stuff in order.
  • To get back in boot camp.
  • To stop being surprised that my 1st derby team is a drama magnet.
  • To go back to LUSH asap!
  • To take a weekend just for me. Some time after school ends. Perhaps at a Spa.
  • To get more sleep.
  • To skate harder than ever.
  • To get a comprehensive health checkup.
  • To go back to a trained bra fitter.
  • To be more focused.

What do you guys need? Can I help?


Stasha said...

Many of your list points I need too. Most probably, but some I just don't want to do.
Oh, LUSH. Just the memory of it fills up my nostrils with happiness.

Megan said...

I could use that weekend too. And a pilgrimage to LUSH. There's not one that's really close, so I have to make a day of it. Which is totally fine with me!