Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Tuesday found me shopping. What was I shopping for? Graduation dresses! I have the Eldest and the Middle graduating from their respective institutions. Eldest is having her 8th grade ceremony on June 2nd and Middle is having her ceremony on June 6th. I was informed that both of them would need pretty dresses for these occasions! So off to Bealls we went, looking for pretty dresses. We found several. Above you see Mo's choice. She picked one that had a faux jacket attached to it so she could pass dress code. (no strapless or spaghetti straps.) It was really cute on her!
Then Eldest picked this animal inspired print! She tried on a ton of dresses before settling on this one. She has the dress code thing too, but she has a satin jacket she plans on wearing over it that goes really well with it!

Now, I'm sitting here, thinking about how my babies are getting ready to fly on to other worlds, new horizons, and better opportunities. I'm gonna cry... I just know it. Sigh....

I feel old now.

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Russ said...

Right, but it doesn't compare to graduating from pre-k now does it!