Thursday, May 19, 2011


Wednesday was interesting. I mean interesting in the sense that there were many strange and icky things going, not the "Oh that is so unexpected and pleasant!" sense! First, the day started off late. Oh I got up on time, but we just couldn't get it in gear and get out of the house on time. I hate that. Then I forgot to gas up the truck the night before, so I had to stop at the gas station. I drove past 3 stations till I got to the one that doesn't jack up their price just because I want to use my debit card! I hate that. Of course when I get there it's packed and the pumps are slower than molasses. I just can't win. We get on the road and I get everyone to school on time then drive over to the Panera/Bux. I decided on Panera but get a nasty surprise. It's closed. Bux is closed. The ENTIRE shopping center is closed. Seems some genius took out a major power pole just up the road and knocked the power out to the entire place. OK then... I got back in the truck and drove over to McD's. It was freezing in there! Even though we had a reprieve from the Florida heat with a small cool front that had come over a few days before, the McD's staff still had the thermostat set at 55!! Who does that shit?? I left up out of there and drove back over to Panera hoping that it was back in business. Nope. Power was still out. I sighed, and settled in to wait in the truck till it got fixed. 30 minutes later they were up and running. Yay! I went in and chatted with the manager about the power outtage, how it really tanked their sales for the day and the like, ordered a caramel latte' and found a nice spot in a corner to set up in. That's when things took a turn for the nasty....

(PS- I'd like to tell Panera that, you are wrong for blocking sites from extremely talented bloggers because they include lots of profanity, sexual references, etc... Also, if you really want to enforce your "30 minute limit" policy, don't be so damn close to Bux where I can get signal from their wifi and sit there as long as I want, WHILE viewing the sites you don't approve of! Take that!)

I was there for a while, maybe 3 hours or so. While I was there I saw people do incredibly nasty things. People blew their nose at the table, then placed the nasty tissue next to their bagel and smear. I saw an old man drop something on the floor, pick it up, and eat it. It pretty much went like that, and that doesn't even include the nasty manners I witnessed! People stealing tables, snatching up chairs almost out from under someone, you name it, but the worst thing I saw was when I went to use the restroom.

I got up and wove my way throught the tables to get to the ladies room. As I was limping over, this old lady totally cuts me off and jumps in front of me. Alrighty then, maybe her Depends Undergarment is about to fail and she needs the potty more than me. I follow her in the restroom and we are waiting for a stall to open when I notice she has brought her iced tea in to the restroom WITH HER! Oh gross! I couldn't believe she was in there with it. That just gives me the gross out shivers! I know someone who have said they get skeeved out when they see people in the restroom with their cell phones out, but this beverage in the restroom thing just seemed on a whole new level of ick! THEN, as if that wasn't enough, when the first stall opened up, she took the iced tea in WITH HER!!! OMFG! That was just sick to me! And to top it off, she ner put it down, even when she was making a TP butt protector for herself. Just sick I say! AND... ( I know you're hoping I will stop.) when she got out, she never washed her hands.


OK, are you grossed out enough yet? I was. I couldn't finish my soup. I almost couldn't finish my iced tea I had at my table. I had to convince myself it was ok and block that nasty old lady from my mind. Right then and there I vowed to go back to Bux and be much kinder to the eclectic people that inhabit the tables and comfy chairs there!

Now it's your turn. What is the most disgusting display of poor manners/hygiene you have ever witnessed?? And how skeeved out were you?? I dare someone to beat Bathroom Iced Tea Lady!


Karl said...

The iced tea thing is nasty. I get skeeved easily in bathrooms, particularly when people don't wash their hands when finished with their business. Gross! Then they go back out and use their nasty hands on their laptops, cell phones, etc. ACK!

Christina LMT said...

The mother with her very young son in the Walmart bathroom, who told said son loudly, "We don't need to wash our hands, we only went pee." And then left to continue shopping. I still feel the need to hurl when I think about it!
And there are shit-tons of people who don't wash their hands after using the facilities. I hate having to massage them! At my old job, it got to the point where I'd say, "Would you like to wash your hands?" or "You have plenty of time to wash your hands." I GUILTED them into it!
I shudder to think about these people.

Lynda said...

Grossest thing I saw is someone, an employee, picking food from the buffet with her bare hands while cleaning the area around it. Sons are there for a reason. Sadly, it happened twice at two different Chinese places.

Anonymous said...

Does *anything* in your life make you happy?

Blondefabulous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Yes, wild monkey sex with my sexy husband makes me happy. My kids doing so well in school and outside activities makes me happy. Blogging about stuff that bothers me rather than keep it in and let it fester making me a snarky ass who jabs at others anonymously makes me happy! You have your answer!