Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The End.

So... this is the beginning of the end. Eldest goes through her graduation on Thursday morning, and Mo does her's on Monday, June 6th! Once that happens, I won't really see much of Sarasota anymore. Closest I'll get will be Bradenton for derby practice. Aside from that, I'll start getting set up for Tampa suburb living. We have a nice neighborhood already, with the only draw back being NONE OF THE GROCERY STORES ARE 24 HOURS!! Really? How can you have an area that is tons bigger than Bradenton or Sarasota and not have a 24 hour grocery?? It's insane!! I tried to go get some breakfast supplies for last Saturday morning and was clock-blocked everywhere I went! It was 8 am and no one opened till 9!! AUGH!! Super mom brought home doughnuts from Dunkin that morning! Sigh...

In other news, remember last week when I was lamenting about how many head shakes I would get from writing a poem to read at Eldest's Emo Poetry Night? Well, in Bux on Tuesday, I was recognized by another parent who had attended and saw me read it. She complimented me on it! Whoo hoo! Maybe I haven't lost my writing chops after all! LOL!!

Also in the works is a JDRF themed Junior Derby bout! What what!!??!! I was in contact this morning with our local JDRF chapter and they sounded really interested in it! We are so close to a cure for this disease that affects hundreds of thousands of people every day! It works out to some 40 kids a day are diagnosed with type 1, insulin dependent diabetes! That's a lot! We want to help cure this NOW so hopefully we can get everything worked out between Prosehack, JDRF, & I to bring the JDRF on board as our June Charity to donate all the bout proceeds to! Check back and expect links to donation sites!!! You have been warned!

And that's your late Holiday Weekend update!


Russ said...

It's hard to believe that a burb of Tampa wouldn't have a 24hr grocery store. A super walmart at the very least.

Poppy said...

I read posts backwards... You do so many amazing things and yet you consider yourself mediocre. Totally fine for you to think you're mediocre, the rest of us will think you're amazing for you. :) Sometimes hardest for us to see our own successes.