Thursday, May 5, 2011


This..... this is one of the best photos I have ever taken.

What you can see is Shitz-n-Gigglez(seated) and Crash Test Barbie(standing) looking into each other's eye and congratulating each other on the win.

What you don't see is how Shitz's knee was torn on a bad hit 2 jams ago and she had to be helped off the floor, but refused to leave the bout till it was over.
What you don't see is that we were down by 1 point on the last jam, but Coach Thor called a time out before the clock ran out, thus forcing a final jam.
What you don't see is Crash Test Barbie promising Shitz before she took the floor to jam in that final jam that she was GOING TO WIN IT.
What you don't see is the Herculean effort all 5 women put forth, both blocking and Barbie jamming, till we were up 3 points and won.

And then this.... this one beautiful moment, jumped right in front of my camera. The pain, the exhilaration, the pure joy..... it was right there.

This is why I play roller derby.

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Karl said...

Great photo. Derbiers are just badasses. No wonder I couldn't hang with you guys. Ha. Congrats on the win.