Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have had a lot of time to read the news on line. I am waiting for the next 12 school days to fly by so my kids can finish off the school year. How do those two things have a connection, you say? Well, I am still driving them to Sarasota to finish the year, even though we now live in Valrico, which is an hour north. Then, because the gas prices are so high, I sit in Sarasota at a Panera or Starbucks till time to pick them up. It's tedious, but I get by. Like I said, it gives me LOTS and LOTS of time to check out the online news offerings from around the area. The thing I have noticed lately is, when the online news gives a story about people having been robbed, beaten, held up, etc....

The story doesn't give out an ethnicity when describing the assailant!

Really! They don't. Take this story about a Spanish Market that was robbed in Sarasota on the 17th. It says the suspect's height,weight, and possible age, but gives no mention as to if he is Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, or Asian! It also doesn't describe what they are wearing, but I am less worried about that because people change clothes all the time! Still, I am left wondering if there is a huge drag net out right now in Sarasota that is stopping every male who is 5'8" & 200lbs in his 20's for questioning!

This isn't the first time this has happened either. I have commented on my FB and Twitter about how the news stories have been lacking in their descriptions of the suspects ethnicity. I mentioned that, as a concerned citizen out shopping and doing errands, I may just want to know if the rape/stalker that has been seen around the local mall parking lot is a white guy, black guy, asian guy, or hispanic guy! Is this something that has occurred because of the political correctness movement? Is it caused by a newspaper afraid of our overly litigious populace? Could it just be poor journalism that is hurried in the face of an instant gratification society? I have no clue, but it seems to be localized to the Sarasota/Bradenton area, as the Tampa and Orlando papers give full descriptions of the people the police are looking for.

Either way you look at it, I guess on any given day, YOU could be a suspect in Sarasota.... as long as you fit the height & weight facts!

Be careful out there!

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