Friday, May 27, 2011

Almost Done.

So, there I was on another Friday, sitting in Bux, thinking to myself, "Man I'm so freakin' tired." when I realized that there is only 5 more days of me doing this. In 5 school days, I will be free from driving every day to Sarasota! Whoo and hoo to that, my friends! I mulled that thought over for a while and then started thinking, what have I learned from this month long experience. Well, I'll tell ya....

  1. I learned for every nice person, there are at least 2 assholes. Most people just can't be bothered to realize they're being jerks, idiots, or just plain rude in general. Be it driving, in a restaurant, or even parking at the school, assholes are everywhere.
  2. I miss my bathroom. Being in a place where there is only one bathroom makes you hurry with your business, lest you become one of the assholes mentioned above. Still, there are times when you just want to rest in the restroom, and worrying about someone coming and knocking on the door just makes it less restful.
  3. All of @Starbucks's baked goods taste freezer burnt. Yes I know I'm not supposed to have them, but I was bored ok? Still that doesn't excuse Bux from having tasteless crap for food. I have pretty much tried everything too,(30 days, remember?) from Lemon Loaf to the blueberry muffin, it was all dry tasteless bleck! It seems to me if you are gonna try and sell baked goods along with your coffee, it should at least taste decent! And don't get me started on those breakfast sandwiches they have! The damn Turkey Bacon, Free Range Egg, & White Cheddar almost killed me! (and that was me eating it w/out the bread!)
  4. People watching should be an Olympic sport! I think I have almost seen everything, but don't quote me on that because I bet something new and strange will walk through the door right after I finish writing this!
  5. Jack Kerouac is awesome. His doppelganger hangs out at Bux all the time. You young-in's need to look him up.
  6. Being a regular has it's advantage. Also, save a friggin' tree and buy a reusable cup for your beverages. There's a discount if you do! I've saved about $6 this month because of it! Don't like Bux's cups? Go to Wall to Wall Mart or Tar-Jay and pick one up at a considerable discount! The kids and I each had our own travel mugs for coffee & tea in the mornings.
  7. And on that note, my kids think I'm their personal barrista. Yes, I make a Grande Mocha Latte', a Grande Black Tea Latte' or London Fog as it was named at Bux, and a Grande Herbal brewed tea every morning. Maybe I should have applied for a job with Bux?? Nah... I would have told some asshole off and gotten fired. (see #1)
  8. People are gross in public. From lunch table nose blowers to Gramma and her bathroom iced tea, people do really gross stuff in public. Do they not realize everyone can see them being all ewwie kablewwie? Do they {shudder} think it's ok to do this crap in public? Do they {shudder more} want people to watch them do this shit like some sort of sick exhibitionist?? I know I don't wanna see it. What ever happened to decency?
  9. Earbuds DO NOT guarantee you will be left alone. Douchebags will still try and talk to you.
And that's about it. Other stuff will probably filter through later and I may add it on, but really I guess that's what anyone would learn after spending 7.5 hours in the same spot for 30 days. In a way, I approached it like a social experiment, and Tweeted, FB'ed, and blogged the results. I'm sure I'll look back and realize I was a better person for sacrificing a month of day for my kids education. Still... if you had to sit somewhere with only access to a computer & wifi and coffee... what do you think you would learn?


Leave me a comment about where you'd like to be stuck for 30 days for 7.5 hours a day. Is it somewhere where you'll have access to wifi? TV? Books? Then tell me what you'd learn from this forced exile. What would you see? What surprised you? What made you shake your head? LOL, yes this is hypothetical so go wild! (or stay sane, your choice.) I'll run the comments through a random number generator after 2 weeks (when my exile will be finished!)and have it pick a winner. Also, if you want to Tweet or FB this contest, make sure you LEAVE IT IN A SEPARATE COMMENT! i.e. "I FB'd your contest." and "I tweeted your contest!" that way you can get a total of 3 entries into this shindig!


I'm thinkin' a gift card in the amount of $25. I'd make it be a Bux card, but I know more than a few people who aren't into their coffee and since I just trashed their baked good above, that won't make anyone happy. So I am going to pick a winner and give them a host of options. Need a gas card to you local station? Want a gift card to a restaurant? We'll work that out and I'll mail it out post haste! Like I said enter in the next two weeks and boom there ya go!

Yes, it's a celebration of my release from exile, but you get the gifts! Enter today!


Nicole said...

Oh yeah the only goodie that "we" sell that I actually like is our pumpkin bread after we heat it up for like 5 secs in the oven, then douse it in butter :)

Kevin said...

After reading all your "love" of Starbucks for all the time you've been stuck there, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't choose them. That and I'd go broke. I love the Bux but I need variety.

Probably a bookstore that has it's own cafe. I'd prefer it be an indie bookstore but since so few of those still exist (and even fewer with a cafe), I'd choose Borders over B&N.