Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The End.

So... this is the beginning of the end. Eldest goes through her graduation on Thursday morning, and Mo does her's on Monday, June 6th! Once that happens, I won't really see much of Sarasota anymore. Closest I'll get will be Bradenton for derby practice. Aside from that, I'll start getting set up for Tampa suburb living. We have a nice neighborhood already, with the only draw back being NONE OF THE GROCERY STORES ARE 24 HOURS!! Really? How can you have an area that is tons bigger than Bradenton or Sarasota and not have a 24 hour grocery?? It's insane!! I tried to go get some breakfast supplies for last Saturday morning and was clock-blocked everywhere I went! It was 8 am and no one opened till 9!! AUGH!! Super mom brought home doughnuts from Dunkin that morning! Sigh...

In other news, remember last week when I was lamenting about how many head shakes I would get from writing a poem to read at Eldest's Emo Poetry Night? Well, in Bux on Tuesday, I was recognized by another parent who had attended and saw me read it. She complimented me on it! Whoo hoo! Maybe I haven't lost my writing chops after all! LOL!!

Also in the works is a JDRF themed Junior Derby bout! What what!!??!! I was in contact this morning with our local JDRF chapter and they sounded really interested in it! We are so close to a cure for this disease that affects hundreds of thousands of people every day! It works out to some 40 kids a day are diagnosed with type 1, insulin dependent diabetes! That's a lot! We want to help cure this NOW so hopefully we can get everything worked out between Prosehack, JDRF, & I to bring the JDRF on board as our June Charity to donate all the bout proceeds to! Check back and expect links to donation sites!!! You have been warned!

And that's your late Holiday Weekend update!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Almost Done.

So, there I was on another Friday, sitting in Bux, thinking to myself, "Man I'm so freakin' tired." when I realized that there is only 5 more days of me doing this. In 5 school days, I will be free from driving every day to Sarasota! Whoo and hoo to that, my friends! I mulled that thought over for a while and then started thinking, what have I learned from this month long experience. Well, I'll tell ya....

  1. I learned for every nice person, there are at least 2 assholes. Most people just can't be bothered to realize they're being jerks, idiots, or just plain rude in general. Be it driving, in a restaurant, or even parking at the school, assholes are everywhere.
  2. I miss my bathroom. Being in a place where there is only one bathroom makes you hurry with your business, lest you become one of the assholes mentioned above. Still, there are times when you just want to rest in the restroom, and worrying about someone coming and knocking on the door just makes it less restful.
  3. All of @Starbucks's baked goods taste freezer burnt. Yes I know I'm not supposed to have them, but I was bored ok? Still that doesn't excuse Bux from having tasteless crap for food. I have pretty much tried everything too,(30 days, remember?) from Lemon Loaf to the blueberry muffin, it was all dry tasteless bleck! It seems to me if you are gonna try and sell baked goods along with your coffee, it should at least taste decent! And don't get me started on those breakfast sandwiches they have! The damn Turkey Bacon, Free Range Egg, & White Cheddar almost killed me! (and that was me eating it w/out the bread!)
  4. People watching should be an Olympic sport! I think I have almost seen everything, but don't quote me on that because I bet something new and strange will walk through the door right after I finish writing this!
  5. Jack Kerouac is awesome. His doppelganger hangs out at Bux all the time. You young-in's need to look him up.
  6. Being a regular has it's advantage. Also, save a friggin' tree and buy a reusable cup for your beverages. There's a discount if you do! I've saved about $6 this month because of it! Don't like Bux's cups? Go to Wall to Wall Mart or Tar-Jay and pick one up at a considerable discount! The kids and I each had our own travel mugs for coffee & tea in the mornings.
  7. And on that note, my kids think I'm their personal barrista. Yes, I make a Grande Mocha Latte', a Grande Black Tea Latte' or London Fog as it was named at Bux, and a Grande Herbal brewed tea every morning. Maybe I should have applied for a job with Bux?? Nah... I would have told some asshole off and gotten fired. (see #1)
  8. People are gross in public. From lunch table nose blowers to Gramma and her bathroom iced tea, people do really gross stuff in public. Do they not realize everyone can see them being all ewwie kablewwie? Do they {shudder} think it's ok to do this crap in public? Do they {shudder more} want people to watch them do this shit like some sort of sick exhibitionist?? I know I don't wanna see it. What ever happened to decency?
  9. Earbuds DO NOT guarantee you will be left alone. Douchebags will still try and talk to you.
And that's about it. Other stuff will probably filter through later and I may add it on, but really I guess that's what anyone would learn after spending 7.5 hours in the same spot for 30 days. In a way, I approached it like a social experiment, and Tweeted, FB'ed, and blogged the results. I'm sure I'll look back and realize I was a better person for sacrificing a month of day for my kids education. Still... if you had to sit somewhere with only access to a computer & wifi and coffee... what do you think you would learn?


Leave me a comment about where you'd like to be stuck for 30 days for 7.5 hours a day. Is it somewhere where you'll have access to wifi? TV? Books? Then tell me what you'd learn from this forced exile. What would you see? What surprised you? What made you shake your head? LOL, yes this is hypothetical so go wild! (or stay sane, your choice.) I'll run the comments through a random number generator after 2 weeks (when my exile will be finished!)and have it pick a winner. Also, if you want to Tweet or FB this contest, make sure you LEAVE IT IN A SEPARATE COMMENT! i.e. "I FB'd your contest." and "I tweeted your contest!" that way you can get a total of 3 entries into this shindig!


I'm thinkin' a gift card in the amount of $25. I'd make it be a Bux card, but I know more than a few people who aren't into their coffee and since I just trashed their baked good above, that won't make anyone happy. So I am going to pick a winner and give them a host of options. Need a gas card to you local station? Want a gift card to a restaurant? We'll work that out and I'll mail it out post haste! Like I said enter in the next two weeks and boom there ya go!

Yes, it's a celebration of my release from exile, but you get the gifts! Enter today!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Swan Song.

Tonight the young and I are going to Eldest's last Emo Poetry Night for the year, and forever for her. What with moving and her graduating from 8th year, she isn't going to see these kids anymore, most likely. The final Poetry night is called Swan Song because it is the last one for the 8th years and they stay after school, order Chinese food, and spend some quality time writing, talking, and sharing their experiences from the past 3 years. Since it is her last night for this, I told her we'd come see it and stay the whole time. She is a great writer. She just got chosen as an Outstanding Writer in the National Promising Young Writers Program. She was one of 4 kids chosen from Florida, and one of 111 chosen from across the US! I was very proud when I heard this from her! I loved writing when I was in school. I wrote a little in college too, but when I got married and had kids, I let it slip away till I started blogging. Now it seems one of my children has inherited my writing bug. I'm so proud! One's a writer, one's a Derby Girl, and one's a great student & a skater!!

Can't ask for more than that, eh?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Tuesday found me shopping. What was I shopping for? Graduation dresses! I have the Eldest and the Middle graduating from their respective institutions. Eldest is having her 8th grade ceremony on June 2nd and Middle is having her ceremony on June 6th. I was informed that both of them would need pretty dresses for these occasions! So off to Bealls we went, looking for pretty dresses. We found several. Above you see Mo's choice. She picked one that had a faux jacket attached to it so she could pass dress code. (no strapless or spaghetti straps.) It was really cute on her!
Then Eldest picked this animal inspired print! She tried on a ton of dresses before settling on this one. She has the dress code thing too, but she has a satin jacket she plans on wearing over it that goes really well with it!

Now, I'm sitting here, thinking about how my babies are getting ready to fly on to other worlds, new horizons, and better opportunities. I'm gonna cry... I just know it. Sigh....

I feel old now.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I Missed.

A bank robbery apparently. While I was bemoaning the field trip sans coffee, the overly perky teacher, the evil Nazi bus driver, and the poor bus ride, the bank next to Bux was robbed. I would have been at Bux during the time it had happened. I would have been stuck INSIDE Bux till the cops had deemed it safe to leave. I would have been late picking up my kids from school.

Funny how things like that happen.


Waiting to get into class.

Doing morning classwork before leaving.

Saying hi to everyone since Mom was FB-ing the trip.

Breakfast. (photo out of order.)

Class photo in front of the theater!

Looking at the program for the "Under 6" performance.

Jr. & Mom at the theater.

The program is starting!

Jr. & I on the bus. The driver was an oppressive Nazi who couldn't get out of 2nd gear, and NO I am not kidding!

After the theater, we went to the Island Park to view "Embracing Our Differences", a huge art installment at the park.

This one really caught the kids attention. It was my favorite. Jr's favorite too.

The view from Island Park over towards the Ringling Bridge. Ah... so nice.

The class photo at Island Park.

Jr. says, "It's really bright out here!"

Lunch time on the lawn under the trees....

Cheeto fingers!

And being the great role model I am, I gave the squirrel who approached us cheeto fingers as well! We named him Mr. Chippy! (I got in semi-trouble!)

And Jr. with the Tiki as we were leaving.

All in all, it was a good day! The kids of the class actually remember me and like me. Even better, they LISTEN to me! (Hee hee..... that may be a mistake on the school's part!) Jr. is a sweet boy and as long as he wants me around, I guess I'll be there!

I did have the teacher, whom I've named Ms. Perky, come up to me as I was leaving to go pick up Becca from the middle school and say to me..

"I have to say that we have enjoyed you coming along on our field trips and I want you to know that who ever it was that said you needed to "let go" of your kids at school was just wrong for saying that to you. Parents who care and are involved with their children's education are just so special and I welcome you here any time."

I felt bad for wanting to trip her earlier that morning when she was skipping to the bus!

Not a bad way to end the year I guess!

Thanks Ms. Perky!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day Tripper.

Time for another field trip! If you don't hear from me after this, rest assured I have been taken hostage by a wild pack of 3rd graders! Send Twinkies & juice boxes for my ransom!

When People Feel The Need...

This is my everyday when I'm at Starbucks. Why??

Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekend Jams.

Cee Lo has a new, less profanity laden song out that I seem to have latched onto. "Bright Lights, Bigger City" is smooth, orchestrated, and reminiscent of the big disco sound you used to get back in the days of Studio 54, with the updated bass and lyrical acrobatics Cee Lo brings to his other musical forays. The video, however, seems a little far fetched as it portrays a sort of 007 secret agent/sexy woman, double agent story line. Sorry Cee Lo, I just can't buy it since you resemble an Oompa Loompa with bling & talent.

My next jam is courtesy of The Bros Of Failblog. I saw this and almost laughed my ass off in Bux, which garnered me several stares of "WTF is wrong with THIS bitch??" Heh... earbuds are a good thing! Garfunkel & Oates(obviously a fake band) did this wonderful song in which they expound on everyone's favotite club inhabitant, the DOUCHE! With the song titled appropriately, "This Party Took A Turn For The Douche", the two ladies cover every stupid, Jersey Shore-esque, overly tanned cliche' you could possibly see out on the town! I tell ya, I almost snorted my coffee out my nose! (That would have really gotten the Bux-ites talking!)

And that's what I got for your weekend goodness! Remember, try not to drink your iced tea on the toilet, and don't be a douche!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Wednesday was interesting. I mean interesting in the sense that there were many strange and icky things going, not the "Oh that is so unexpected and pleasant!" sense! First, the day started off late. Oh I got up on time, but we just couldn't get it in gear and get out of the house on time. I hate that. Then I forgot to gas up the truck the night before, so I had to stop at the gas station. I drove past 3 stations till I got to the one that doesn't jack up their price just because I want to use my debit card! I hate that. Of course when I get there it's packed and the pumps are slower than molasses. I just can't win. We get on the road and I get everyone to school on time then drive over to the Panera/Bux. I decided on Panera but get a nasty surprise. It's closed. Bux is closed. The ENTIRE shopping center is closed. Seems some genius took out a major power pole just up the road and knocked the power out to the entire place. OK then... I got back in the truck and drove over to McD's. It was freezing in there! Even though we had a reprieve from the Florida heat with a small cool front that had come over a few days before, the McD's staff still had the thermostat set at 55!! Who does that shit?? I left up out of there and drove back over to Panera hoping that it was back in business. Nope. Power was still out. I sighed, and settled in to wait in the truck till it got fixed. 30 minutes later they were up and running. Yay! I went in and chatted with the manager about the power outtage, how it really tanked their sales for the day and the like, ordered a caramel latte' and found a nice spot in a corner to set up in. That's when things took a turn for the nasty....

(PS- I'd like to tell Panera that, you are wrong for blocking sites from extremely talented bloggers because they include lots of profanity, sexual references, etc... Also, if you really want to enforce your "30 minute limit" policy, don't be so damn close to Bux where I can get signal from their wifi and sit there as long as I want, WHILE viewing the sites you don't approve of! Take that!)

I was there for a while, maybe 3 hours or so. While I was there I saw people do incredibly nasty things. People blew their nose at the table, then placed the nasty tissue next to their bagel and smear. I saw an old man drop something on the floor, pick it up, and eat it. It pretty much went like that, and that doesn't even include the nasty manners I witnessed! People stealing tables, snatching up chairs almost out from under someone, you name it, but the worst thing I saw was when I went to use the restroom.

I got up and wove my way throught the tables to get to the ladies room. As I was limping over, this old lady totally cuts me off and jumps in front of me. Alrighty then, maybe her Depends Undergarment is about to fail and she needs the potty more than me. I follow her in the restroom and we are waiting for a stall to open when I notice she has brought her iced tea in to the restroom WITH HER! Oh gross! I couldn't believe she was in there with it. That just gives me the gross out shivers! I know someone who have said they get skeeved out when they see people in the restroom with their cell phones out, but this beverage in the restroom thing just seemed on a whole new level of ick! THEN, as if that wasn't enough, when the first stall opened up, she took the iced tea in WITH HER!!! OMFG! That was just sick to me! And to top it off, she ner put it down, even when she was making a TP butt protector for herself. Just sick I say! AND... ( I know you're hoping I will stop.) when she got out, she never washed her hands.


OK, are you grossed out enough yet? I was. I couldn't finish my soup. I almost couldn't finish my iced tea I had at my table. I had to convince myself it was ok and block that nasty old lady from my mind. Right then and there I vowed to go back to Bux and be much kinder to the eclectic people that inhabit the tables and comfy chairs there!

Now it's your turn. What is the most disgusting display of poor manners/hygiene you have ever witnessed?? And how skeeved out were you?? I dare someone to beat Bathroom Iced Tea Lady!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have had a lot of time to read the news on line. I am waiting for the next 12 school days to fly by so my kids can finish off the school year. How do those two things have a connection, you say? Well, I am still driving them to Sarasota to finish the year, even though we now live in Valrico, which is an hour north. Then, because the gas prices are so high, I sit in Sarasota at a Panera or Starbucks till time to pick them up. It's tedious, but I get by. Like I said, it gives me LOTS and LOTS of time to check out the online news offerings from around the area. The thing I have noticed lately is, when the online news gives a story about people having been robbed, beaten, held up, etc....

The story doesn't give out an ethnicity when describing the assailant!

Really! They don't. Take this story about a Spanish Market that was robbed in Sarasota on the 17th. It says the suspect's height,weight, and possible age, but gives no mention as to if he is Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, or Asian! It also doesn't describe what they are wearing, but I am less worried about that because people change clothes all the time! Still, I am left wondering if there is a huge drag net out right now in Sarasota that is stopping every male who is 5'8" & 200lbs in his 20's for questioning!

This isn't the first time this has happened either. I have commented on my FB and Twitter about how the news stories have been lacking in their descriptions of the suspects ethnicity. I mentioned that, as a concerned citizen out shopping and doing errands, I may just want to know if the rape/stalker that has been seen around the local mall parking lot is a white guy, black guy, asian guy, or hispanic guy! Is this something that has occurred because of the political correctness movement? Is it caused by a newspaper afraid of our overly litigious populace? Could it just be poor journalism that is hurried in the face of an instant gratification society? I have no clue, but it seems to be localized to the Sarasota/Bradenton area, as the Tampa and Orlando papers give full descriptions of the people the police are looking for.

Either way you look at it, I guess on any given day, YOU could be a suspect in Sarasota.... as long as you fit the height & weight facts!

Be careful out there!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It wakes up with me in the morning.
It grudgingly sleeps with me at night.
I feed it ibuprofin like a pill popping speed freak.
It has a special wrap, chosen just for it.
I have a friend on speed dial who has medical training to tell me what to do.
I wear ice packs under my pad at derby.

It's my knee.

I never thought I'd be an especially active person. I wasn't an exercise freak. I was in band and the most exercise we got was practicing the half time show after school. Then I grew up. Still wasn't an exercise sort of person. Oh, I went to the college workout facility w/various roommates, friends, blah blah blah.... I also took aerobics for college credit. Still, I didn't really want to be there, and anyone who has exercised can tell you, if you're just not in it, you won"t accomplish much.

Then I got married and started having kids and OMG the weight yoyo I was on was insane. Still, with small kids, exercise is limited to stroller rolling through malls, at least my exercise was since we were so freakin' poor it was almost impossible to eat, much less get a gym membership! Health wise I was probably stressing out my body to the breaking point. I remember being tired all the time, joints aching, you name it.

Years later, I saw a twitter advert that asked for women to join the local roller derby team. I wanted to go. I had to go. I loved roller skating. I was really good at it in my youth. I could still skate well enough to help out at school skate nights. I signed up right away! I went to every practice. I bought equipment. I picked a name & number. I skated to the cheers of fans! I lost a shitload of weight! Suddenly, my joints weren't screaming at me. I was lighter, fitter, felt better.


I found out the great feelings didn't come without a price. My knee. My right knee to be exact. I may have torn the ACL on it. I can't know for sure because my husband accepted a new job and our new insurance won't kick in till 5 months from now! Till then I am still skating on it, even though I probably shouldn't. It basically feels like someone is taking an ice pick and stabbing it into the left front side of my right knee cap, digging it in under the knee cap, and wiggling it around. Yeah, ouch! For now, I am having to scale back my skating to low intensity stuff. At practice last Saturday, we were doing a snake drill called "Asswipers" where you start at the back of the line and weave in and out of the line, moving forward, and wiping your butt on the girl you're cutting in front of. As Yakuza Girl started her cut in front of me, she caught my right skate and we went flying! The funny part was I accidentally snatched down Yakuza's shorts as we were falling and she ended up mooning everyone at practice. The not so funny part was I may have done more damage to my knee while falling to the hard wooden floor. Yeah, ouch. Funny how I can smack the floor with my entire left side, but it's my right side knee that's aching!

So that's where I am right now. I may name my knee now that it has it's own outfit, meds, and ice packs! Hmmm...... Barry? Jonsey? PIA?

What should I name my knee?


Today was a big pain in my ass. See, on Saturday, as I was coming back from Eldest's ballet recital the truck began to act a little funny, and by funny I mean while we were cruising at 70mph on I-75 in the rain it decided to drop out of gear and almost blow a gasket or something! I freaked out, took it out of cruise and pulled over. It was being stubborn and didn't want to drop into gear! HOLY SHIT! I thought, "Great, the tranny is dying!" So then on Sunday, HHH tried to head up to his dad's to install and AC. Yeah, he didn't get more than an hour up the road when it tried to die on him. Needless to say, HHH had to baby it back to the house, and come Monday morning I was right at the dealership's door.

At first they thought it was the tranny. They asked me if I wanted to look at another vehicle to switch it out. I looked at a few, but the problem was they wanted more money down right then and there. Uh... HELLO! If I had more money I'd have told you in the first place fuckers!!! So when I said I didn't have the $$, they started working harder to find out what was really wrong with the truck. Turns out it was a $116 part that the truck can do with out. I gave the go ahead, and they cut the faulty part off and straight welded the exhaust back together and the truck worked perfectly! YAY!! And on the plus side... it sounds a lot more manly. The exhaust is louder and gives me the strange feeling that I want to wear steel toed boots and operate heavy equipment!

I still want a BMW though! (birthday coming up! ;-))

Sunday, May 15, 2011

1ne Hunderd 1ne

  1. ONE OF YOUR SCARS, HOW DID YOU GET IT? I have a scar on my left knee from where I wrecked a motorcycle in college. It was painful, I was on crutches for weeks, I still have 13thSt. in my knee. Guess I'll carry Gainesville with me forever!

  2. WHAT IS ON THE WALLS IN YOUR BEDROOM? Matching artsy wall art, and our flat screen.
  4. WHAT MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO? I am stuck in the 80's, but now I have been listening to quite a bit of top 40 seeing as that is what my eldest listens to. I am a firm believer in knowing what your kids are in!
  6. WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING RIGHT NOW? To get a working vehicle.
  7. WHO DO YOU MISS? My friends from high school.
  11. THE BEST TV SHOW EVER CREATED? Fantasy Island.
  12. THE LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO? My Eldest Daughter.
  14. THE LAST PERSON TO MAKE YOU CRY? The person who choreographed my daughter's 8th grade dance piece. It was a farewell piece with them putting on caps and gowns and I bawled like a baby!
  15. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE COLOGNE / PERFUME? I used to love Sunflowers, but it was something that I associated with a certain person, so when I met my new husband, I chose a new scent. Now I favour Pleasures.
  16. WHAT KIND OF HAIR/EYE COLOUR DO YOU LIKE ON THE OPPOSITE SEX? brown or chestnut hair with blue or green eyes.
  18. COFFEE OR ENERGY DRINKS? Depends on the situation. I like coffee in the mornings when I am trying to wake up, but if I need a boost before playing a derby bout, or a pick me up at practice, I like a quick energy shot!
  22. DO YOU SPEAK ANOTHER LANGUAGE? Not really. I know enough Spanish to talk to a student, but that's about it.
  23. WHAT WAS THE FIRST GIFT SOMEONE EVER GAVE YOU? That I remember has to be an ABC pop up book I got on my 2nd birthday. It is one of my earliest memories and one I treasure because I developed my love of reading from that day forth!
  24. DO YOU LIKE SOMEONE? More than I could ever say.
  26. FAVOURITE CLOTHING BRAND? Wicked Skatewear.
  27. WHAT'S YOUR DREAM CAR? Right now, BMW.... ever, Corvette.
  28. WHAT COLOUR IS IT? BMW-Midnight blue, Corvette- Red.
  35. WHAT ANNOYS YOU MOST? Lack of Courtesy!
  37. YOUR WEAKNESSES? Chocolate & Bread
  38. FRIES/CHIPS, RICE, OR BEANS? Chips, with a nice fresh salsa.
  39. FIRST JOB? Counter help at Arbys.
  41. WHAT WERE YOU DOING BEFORE YOU FILLED OUT THIS? Cleaning and unpacking boxes.
  42. IF YOU COULD GET PLASTIC SURGERY WHAT WOULD IT BE? Tummy tuck and boob lift! Having kids is hell on your body!
  43. WHY DID YOU FILL OUT THIS MEME? I have never done meme like this.... Not even the 100 things meme.
  44. WHAT DO YOU GET COMPLIMENTED ABOUT MOST? My cooking/cake decorating.
  47. HOW MANY KIDS DO YOU WANT? I have all that I need!
  48. WHERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? My parents swear they named me after two total bitches on a soap opera that was on in '72.
  50. WHICH FINGER[S] IS YOUR FAVOURITE? Thumbs. They're what separates us from the other primates!
  51. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? Cinnamon Raisin Toast! (a big no-no for me!)
  54. ANY BAD HABITS? Yes.
  55. WHAT IS YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING CD ON THE SHELF? I don't have any CD's. I have all digital.
  57. HAVE YOU EVER TOLD A SECRET YOU SWORE NOT TO TELL? Yes, but I told it back to the person who told me so I'm not sure that counts. She didn't remember telling me in the first place, so I told her her secret back to her to prove a point.
  58. DO LOOKS MATTER? Usually, no, but some people just creep me out.
  60. WHERE IS YOUR SECOND HOME? I don't really have one.
  62. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVOURITE TOY AS A CHILD? My bike. Back in the day we could ride till it got dark and not worry about anyone snatching you up!
  67. WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A PLACE TO LIVE? Crime Rate, namely a low one!
  68. WHAT ARE YOUR NICKNAMES? Blondefabulous, Nic,
  69. HOW MANY HATS DO YOU OWN? WHAT'S YOUR HAT SIZE? Just a few, and they are all baseball caps.
  71. WERE YOU UPSET ABOUT STEVE IRWIN DYING? No. It was one of those things where you knew it was coming, you just didn't know when!
  73. ARE YOU LAZY? Not usually. I just don't have time.
  74. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE SONGS AT THE MOMENT? Blow by Ke$ha, Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer, and Bright Lights, Bigger City, by Cee Lo Green.
  76. HOW MANY WISDOM TEETH DO YOU HAVE? 4. I really should have taken them out, but I didn't.
  77. DO YOU WANT TO GO ANYWHERE SPECIAL THIS YEAR? Yes. I want a spa trip for my birthday! And I want to go to Sk808!!
  78. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? The TV is playing Independence Day as I type this.
  79. LAST THING YOU ATE? Cinnamon Raisin Toast.
  82. FAVOURITE THOUGHT PROVOKING SONG? Head Over Heels by Tears For Fears.
  83. FAVOURITE TWO THINGS TO HATE? Old People & Bad Drivers. Since I live in Florida, I usually get both at the same time!
  84. FAVOURITE DRINK? Cherry Pepsi.
  86. SPORTS YOU LIKE TO WATCH? Football, Wrestling, Roller Derby.
  87. WHAT IS YOUR HAIR COLOUR? Um... what day of the week is it?
  88. EYE COLOUR? Brown.
  89. DO YOU WEAR GLASSES? Yes, but I favor contacts because I'm very active.
  90. SIBLINGS? Yes!
  91. FAVOURITE MONTH(s)? March. Because I have so many people I love who have birthday's in that month.
  92. DO YOU LIKE SUSHI? Meh. Never got the gist of it.
  93. LAST THING YOU WATCHED? Alice In Wonderland, the new version.
  94. FAVOURITE DAY OF THE YEAR? That one perfect day in fall when summer finally heads out for good.
  96. SUMMER OR WINTER? Winter. Living in Florida, winter is awesome, with the exception of all the snowbirds!
  97. KISSES OR HUGS? Depends on the person, but probably hugs.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


OMG! My baby girl(actually the eldest) had her Spring Ballet Recital on Saturday, and damn if it didn't make me cry! She is so beautiful, so graceful, so......everything. Smart as a whip AND athletically inclined AND can dance?? Oh jeeze! These next 4 years better go slow!!

PS- In the photo above, she is the girl in front wearing the red shirt & black pants!)

See? I'm not old enough to have a beautiful, grown up lady like my sweet girl!!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Day, New Hang Out.

So.... Thursday I took the truck in to the dealership to get the AC checked out. The same AC that hasn't worked correctly since we bought the truck. Well, they got a new service manager, so when I made the payment to them on Monday, I asked about them looking at it again or at least letting me take it to a specialist with the cost to be deducted from our loan total. Ha! That got the manger moving! Talk of them losing $$$ over something that should have been fixed months ago has an effect on people apparently. So we made an appointment for Thursday morning. I got there at 8am as promised, and then headed over to the McDonalds to wait it out.

Upon arrival I was greeted by Consuela. You remember the fun we had with her a few months back? Yeah... I ordered a fruit & walnut snack and an un-sweet tea and set up in a corner of the restaurant. That's when the first problem occurred. While McD's has free wifi for their customers, they DO NOT have power outlets, something I was only made aware of when I saw my battery was almost dead! (thanks for plugging it in after you were done last night, honey!) So I used it for a minute, then had to shut it off. Boo! Then it was on to my phone. When I looked up though, I saw the lobby had filled with a shit ton of old people. Like way old people. Like enough old people to keep an undertaker convention busy for a month or more! They were everywhere! That's Sarasota for you..... God's Waiting room! I played a few rounds of angry birds, and decided I'd head back.

As I was getting up to go back to the dealership and charge up all my goods, I went to the bathroom one more time.... and OMG there was an outlet hidden in the far corner at the table next to the bathroom!!! Happy Day!!! I immediately took possession of said table and plugged EVERYTHING in! (heh, heh) So I was back on line, working the social thingy, checking mail, all that jazz......

Then the lunch crowd started to file in... and you know what?


Yep. I said it. People are assholes. Heck, I can be an asshole too, not gonna deny that. When I was tired and my knee was in pain I was a huge asshole to the Publix cashier & her customers in front of me on Tuesday, but then, she was being an extremely slow, tedious fuck and they were buying gift cards in the check out line instead of at the service desk where it's faster anyway. Still, it doesn't excuse me from my actions. Now in McD's... people are EXTREME assholes.

"Where's my food?"
"I said a large! Can't you hear me?"
"No I don't want a fucking apple pie!"

I mean, jeeze! Calm down! 2 for $1 apple pies are nothing to get tweeked over! Of course, my favorite was the chubby kid who came in with his parents. This little dude wanted a happy meal, so mom & dad ordered it up for him. He was a loud, cheeky little bugger too. Had no inside voice whatsoever! He had a voice that cut right through my earbuds too! His final rant is what got me though. He started bitching about how he didn't want the healthy apple slices in his meal, and would much rather have an ice cream cone instead! (I feel the need to say this kid looked 7 or 8, and about 75 pounds overweight!) Thank God his parents said no! The ruckus he put up as they dragged him out the door was just phenomenal! So see? There are even kid assholes in the fast food world!

Anywho, the dealership really needs to get wifi. Seriously! And some vending machines. And some comfy couches..... And they really need to fix my AC before I melt in the South Florida heat!!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Makes People....

Think it's ok to infringe on others in a public place? I mean really? What is it that makes a someone say to themselves... "Hey, I'm going to just plop down in this seat with my friend and we are going to talk so damn loud, and be so gross that everyone around us will be disturbed for life!" I'm dealing with this.

Wednesday morning, I was in my usual comfy chair at Bux. I keep my stuff relatively close. My purse and laptop bag are buy the chair on the floor, My coffee & snack is right on my left on my edge of the communal table, and I keep my laptop on my lap... duh! Then, this woman from the photo waltzes in! She throws down her bag on the communal table seen in the photo table and then when her friend comes to join her, they proceed to take up almost the whole damn corner! The photo above shows how the one woman's crap is taking up the small table to the left of my seat. Only thing on that table that's mine is my coffee cup, and I was here first! Their shit is everywhere, including the coffee table in front of me! Bags and purses all over the tables, oozing out of their chairs and even better.... they are loud. Not the loud only for a moment as they greet each other, but every. Fucking. Word. Is LOUD! I have my earbuds in so I can avoid convo with strangers and people thinking I am here to pick up a date or whatever, and usually I listen to my radio station online with them. These women were drowning out my Ke$ha & Lady Gaga. They were filtering into my concentration with talk of health issues, their husbands, car vandalism, and such.... Ugh.

So the question now is, what makes it ok for them to be totally oblivious of how irritating they were? And it wasn't just me who noticed. There were several people who actually got up and headed out to the tables outside to brave the south Florida heat to escape these ladies endless prattle! As I still had 3 more hours to wait, I just kept turning up my volume and trying to ignore them. It didn't help.

Who annoys you the most when your at your favorite watering hole?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

People Are People....

.... So why are they so damn funny to watch?

I have been camping out in a Starbucks for the last two weeks, and will continue to do so until June 6th. See, when HHH got his new job in Valrico and we moved up there, I asked if it would be worth it to move the kids with one month left in the school year. I was told unequivocally... NO! So here I am, killing 7.5 hours in a coffee house slowly sipping Pike Place Roast and nibbling what ever I can afford. One thing that has made it not so tedious has been the people watching.

I guess you get all kinds in a Starbucks, and let me tell you, I think I have seen them all..... well, almost. Haven't seen any celebrities yet.

  • Tuesday I saw weird hair, popped collar guy. By weird hair, I mean he had a Friar Tuck bald spot going on, but had taken what I guessed was his bangs and gelled them into an almost vertical flip up! Add to that his popped collar and CSI:Miami shades as he got hiss coffee and I was hard pressed not to chuckle directly at him!
  • PDA Couple. These people needed a room. Seriously! They waited for their coffees in the comfy chairs by where I set up and had to scoot together as close as possible to play touchy feely grab ass. Then, as an added bonus, when their order was called, the woman had a straight black extra shot venti Pike Place, and the man had a grande mocha frappaccino, extra whip, extra drizzle & sprinkles. That's real manly right there. Only thing it was missing was a fruity umbrella! FFS!
  • Self Important Artist/Writer/Musician. These people show up all the time. They look emo or hip, take your pick, and sit away from everyone, but still where they can be seen. On Friday, there was a guy with a sketch book who leered at every pretty girl that came in. His reasoning for this (I over heard when someone asked him what he was doing) was he was sketching a female figure and getting inspiration from the clientele at Starbucks. Yeah, what ever dude!
  • Fashionistas! Ha ha ha.... these ones kill me! These ladies of every age range come in here with every hair in place, trendy clothing looking fab, and waltz up to the counter ordering in breathy voices! It's like watching a fashion show! Then there was the woman who got caught in a thunder shower in a white linen tank top, & no bra!! Hoo boy! Ever male in the place was tripping over their tongues! Even the gay guy who was behind the counter, but it was suggested when I FB'd a photo of her that the gay guy was probably eyeing her purse.(It really was exquisite!) And did I mention it was COLD in here when that happened!?!
And I am sure there will be more as I have about 3 more weeks of doing this! Yesterday was overly cologned redneck, weird old guy, & smelly student day. Can't wait to see what the rest of the week will hold!!

PS- I wrote this in left justify just for Karl Erikson because he said me constantly centering the text was killing his brain!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Why Do I Care?

I lived in Memphis TN from 2003 to 2007. We lived in various spots across the city, but the place I loved the most was when we lived on Mud Island. It didn't sound like much, but it was one of the best portions of real estate in the city! 1 to 5+ million dollar houses, condos, high end businesses, and apartment rentals, plus Tom Lee Park on the south end of it all. And it really was an island, separated from down town by the Wolf River. There was a great linear park that was below the levee and ran alongside the Mississippi River. I used to walk Toby there and let him run free amongst the green grasses. See that photo above? That's the same linear park.... under 20 to 30 ft of water! The sculpture and bike racks are up a huge hill that is supposed to protect the island, but is almost inundated by the mighty, rushing waters!
And in another example, This is a Putt Putt facility that we as a family have been to many times. It's under water as well. There will be no birdie on THAT par 4 today! The faux elephants and other animals seemed confused here, almost as if asking, "Uh... I think the watering hole sprung a leak!"

And finally, a view of the same park where the water is even higher and almost to the point of swamping the main road on Mud Island!! I knew the people who lived in those houses! I jogged by them, walked the dog by them, went trick or treating at them with the kids, Heck! I worked at Miss Cordelia's Grocery & Restaurant... a job I was excited to have and go to!

I left Memphis behind with the knowledge I most likely wouldn't see it again. There were plenty of bad memories there that I didn't want to go back. The crime, the poor educational system, the bankrupt medical system, all of it was in our rear view mirror as we took I-40 the heck out of there, yet why do I feel a keen sense of loss? Why is it when I see the CNN photos of the flooding am I taken aback? It's the people. The people are what's bringing me back to those memories. Memphis in May, Beale Street, Rendezvous BBQ, Northgate and Da Bay, ...... They are all there, plus all the residents of Harbor Town I knew from working there for 4.5 years! All the kids, animals, couples, celebrities...... I hope someone is starting a We Are Memphis movement. Someone needs to.

Someone save the town I never really claimed as my own!!

Photo Galleries where I found the above photos can be found here in the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Really Need....

  • To unpack more.
  • To get stuff in order.
  • To get back in boot camp.
  • To stop being surprised that my 1st derby team is a drama magnet.
  • To go back to LUSH asap!
  • To take a weekend just for me. Some time after school ends. Perhaps at a Spa.
  • To get more sleep.
  • To skate harder than ever.
  • To get a comprehensive health checkup.
  • To go back to a trained bra fitter.
  • To be more focused.

What do you guys need? Can I help?

Happy Mother's Day!!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Yawn.... Snzxzxxzzzzz....

It is 52.4 miles from our new place to the schools where the kids are finishing up school.

I get up at 5:15am Monday through Friday.

Round trip, it's 104 miles every week day.

I sit at Bux for 7.5 hours every day waiting till school gets out.

I thank God for free wifi & 50 cent coffee refills.

Top that off with ballet practice till 5pm all next week.

I'm sincerely tired.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


This..... this is one of the best photos I have ever taken.

What you can see is Shitz-n-Gigglez(seated) and Crash Test Barbie(standing) looking into each other's eye and congratulating each other on the win.

What you don't see is how Shitz's knee was torn on a bad hit 2 jams ago and she had to be helped off the floor, but refused to leave the bout till it was over.
What you don't see is that we were down by 1 point on the last jam, but Coach Thor called a time out before the clock ran out, thus forcing a final jam.
What you don't see is Crash Test Barbie promising Shitz before she took the floor to jam in that final jam that she was GOING TO WIN IT.
What you don't see is the Herculean effort all 5 women put forth, both blocking and Barbie jamming, till we were up 3 points and won.

And then this.... this one beautiful moment, jumped right in front of my camera. The pain, the exhilaration, the pure joy..... it was right there.

This is why I play roller derby.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


My cat.... he fear's this!

This being the aerating water dish I bought for him and the dog today! Apparently, the frog spitting is freaking him the heck out!

Eh.... he'll get thirsty.... eventually!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh Hai Mom!

I was perusing the internets at Bux the other day when I kept coming across lists for what to get your mom for mothers day. Some of the lists were very specific, and others had room for interpretation. Either or... not a single one of them had anything I would have been interested in. As a woman who has a refined taste for Hand Turkeys at Thanksgiving and Macaroni Christmas Trees in winter, I usually treasure the sweet gifts my kids bring home from school. Lately though, the school has partnered with Publix Bakery and has been offering the kids a chance to decorate a heart shaped cake for mom for the bargain price of $8 a cake! Great idea, but I have Celiac's disease, so cake is a no go for me. Since the school is putting emphasis on the cakes, there is a marked reduction in home made school art for mom. Sigh, so to remedy this HHH has said he'd take the kids shopping for me, so what did I want?

Hmmm.... What DO I want?

I certainly don't want the Bram Egyptian Clay Cooker that Bon Appetit' swears will be the end all, be all of my existence. For $92 I'd rather go out and have someone cook my soup for me, besides, I have industrial sized stock pots for that! Jewelry is also something that isn't big for me either. I'm pretty simple and usually just wear my rings and that's it. No muss, no fuss... Sorry Jared, HHH won't be going to you. Oh, and flowers and chocolate? Did I mention I was a rough ass roller girl who is in mid season trying to keep her figure toned and tight? I wouldn't have time to water the flowers and the chocolate would disappear before I ever got around to it, which would be sometime around late August when the season is over. FTD & Russel Stovers will just have to peddle that elsewhere!

I like the irreverent, the unusual, the awesome! Things like my Pig from Angry Birds fame. (and as soon as I find where I packed him, he will continue his journeys) A great grind of coffee would also work, even though I have become a barista more for my kids in the morning than for myself. New wheels and bearings are always a welcome gift for me too, roller girl that I am. Oh, and let's not forget my new fascination with my camera. A bigger flash and a longer range lens would be met with squeals of approval. Still,.... perhaps I could get a hand drawing showing sunny skies, green grass, and my stick figure family skipping through a field of flowers.

To me, that is fine art & the best gift ever.

Smart Cookie!

My little Junior Mint had his award ceremony today! He received the A-B Honor Roll award.....
He got Third Place at the Sarasota County Fair for his radish growing project!! That one was a complete surprise! Junior practically sprung to the stage when they called his name for it!

He was extremely proud of the radish thing! He worked so hard on it and I helped him, but all I really did was buy him dirt and a pot to grow them in. He did all the watering, tending, and journaled about it!

And last but not least, he also got the Athletic Award! I figured he'd get this one because he is so in shape from doing his roller derby!

So he had a pretty good haul by the time he was done! I called HHH and told him about all the great awards Junior had won! I almost brok out in tears when I told HHH about the radishes & 3rd place ribbon! So proud of my little man!

Congrats Junior!