Sunday, April 17, 2011


Now that a little time has gone by, I can take a deep breath and look at last night with a little more perspective. Not much, mind you, but a little more. See, we started out the bout with a good pace. We led by controlling the pack. We kept a lead of 20 to 30 points all first half. At half time however, things took on a slightly sinister air. Suddenly, the scoreboard mysteriously "broke". It broke after we were already in our locker room at half time. We were playing without our main coach this bout because she is about to pop out a kid at any moment, and usually she keeps track of the score to prevent any monkey business from occurring. When we came back out after the half, the scoreboard was "fixed", and the scores were suddenly closer. Closer as in theirs was higher and ours was lower, but since we hadn't kept a tally, we couldn't prove it! The next fun thing to happen was they had switched the referees! Yep, suddenly the main ref who had officiated the entire half had been "replaced". You can guess what happened next. We suddenly began losing. Bad calls abounded! The score ended up 171-148 with them winning. I was thoroughly disgusted. I have lost many bouts. Hell, the entire first season of SRG we lost every damn bout, but I have NEVER lost a bout where it felt wrong, just wrong.

And something was VERY wrong Saturday night in Daytona.

So.... after going to the after party where I did NOT get arrested for punching out the pasty asshole of a referee, Cajun Sinsation, Crash Test Barbie, and I trekked over to Kissimmee where I had a hotel room waiting for us. It was a hot tub suite, and the warm bubbling water was very nice indeed after we had been roughed up so badly. Pig was dually impressed by both the hot tub itself and the fact that all 3 of us got in it at the same time!!
Come the next day, we were finally up and about around 10am and breakfast was in order. After a quick check out, it was decided we'd hit up Cracker Barrel. Since I wasn't in my boutfit, I didn't get sat in the corner this time. Lol.... must not have looked whored up enough! As we waited for our food, Pig started playing the peg game..... he ended up winning. I captioned the photo, Pig is not an Egg-no-ra-moose!
Breakfast finally came. Pig was happy to see his biscuits and gravy. He gave me a less than happy stare as I consumed my ham and eggs. In fact, he was down right derisive! Meh... at least he got taken to breakfast! He never picks up the check!
After we got on the road though.... there was a huge traffic back up. Apparently a tour bus caught fire on the east bound I-4 and the whole shebang was backed up for MILES!!! Later we heard that no one was injured thank goodness, but I was less than thrilled at Pig's expression as he turned to me as if to say, "WTF is this traffic shit?" Sorry man, that's the price you pay for getting off the farm! Finally we got through and made decent time the rest of the way home. The radio was rocking the old school songs and Barbie, Cajun, and I were rocking out the whole way back to Bradenton! Love me a road trip with my roller girls.

And so that is how the weekend went for me!
How was yours?

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