Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pig About Town 2

First, Pig suggested a little jaunt to the beach, but due to an appointment that had to be kept, we had to save the beach for another day. His disappointment was palpable as we drove past the exit to the ocean's shores.
As the appointment was HHH's to keep, Pig and I waited out in the truck under the warm sun and light breeze that comes with a Floridian spring. We whittled away the time with conversation about this and that, then I suggested a game or two of Angry Birds. Pig was, shall we say, less that enthusiastic about playing this game, so we moved on to Charades and 20 Questions.

And so Pig has been out and about again. Wonder where he will go next? Perhaps Daytona, hmmmmmmm?

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Putz said...

this is so damned cute and whitty and clever><<>,.you should get an award for starting this