Friday, April 29, 2011

Hello? Is It Me You're Looking For?

I swear to Jebus I haven't died, we are just in the process of moving again. yes, I did say moving again. See, in the field of work HHH is in there is a lot of fluidity. This, however, was a good move for us because HHH accepted a job as a supervisor here in Valrico Fl. The day I sat through a tornado outside in our truck was the day he was interviewing. I didn't want to say anything and jinx it. What's that you say? Didn't HHH get a promotion to a complex in Nebraska? Well, yes and no. We discovered a nasty little element of the company HHH had been working for in the last year. Lots of big grand promises, no delivery. See, HHH had been told he was going to be the supervisor of the property we were at at the time in Bradenton. They told him to work hard, show initiative, and he would be rewarded. So he worked his ass off. I almost never saw him. He didn't have a day off in 60 days! He was on call for all that time. Then the regional manger said, "We are going to hold a job fair for this position." Just like that. Ok then.... then they came and said to him, "Well, we know you worked hard to get the supervisor position here and since that didn't pan out, how about we promote you to supervisor at the new complex we are building in Lincoln NE? Just work really hard here so we see you deserve it!" HHH said sure, and we thought that was that, but I told him to get an offer letter to nail it down so they couldn't jack him around again. He began emailing and calling all the upper management, all the while working his ass off yet again. Finally after 2 to 3 weeks of getting passed around from manager to manager, he found out they weren't going to promote him. They also weren't going to tell him either. THEN.... the regional manager said she was going to give HHH a gift of gratitude for working those 60 days by himself and doing such a good job. HHH's property manger told him the surprise was going to be a plaque and a gift card for $250. At first the regional manger couldn't get over here to give it to him, then she "forgot it" at home, then she didn't remember she was supposed to give him anything and why was he asking?


HHH started looking for a new place to work. I don't blame him. He worked his ass off for those ingrates and got a tidy fuck you for it. So long assholes!

Now, HHH has a supervisors position in Valrico. I get to stay in FLORIDA!! And we are even closer to Orlando where we have season passes to Universal. The neighborhood is awesome, there are really good schools, and we are living rent free! (perk of being a supervisor.) Now I just have to unpack everything again. Only part that sucks is the unpacking.

So there you have it. I'm not dead, just waiting on my internet to get hooked up... and let me tell you, that's a whole other story for another time!


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Glad he got out; enjoy your new digs!

Poppy said...

YAY! NO SNOW!!! Congrats to HHH!