Monday, April 4, 2011

Don't You Juuuuuuudge Me!

Hi, my name is Blondefabulous...

And I watch Professional Wrestling.

Whew! That was a load off, but not really. See, it's hard enough to say you're a fan of WWE, WCW, TNA, ECW, etc without hearing some snide, dumbass remark from somewhere in the room. Usually that remark is....

"You know that's all fake, right?"

If I had a nickle for every time I have heard that, I'd have been able to afford nosebleed seats in last night's Wrestlemania!! And to be a WOMAN who follows and watches wrestling, well... that makes me an even bigger weirdo to the hipsters and cool kids. The common belief is that people who watch wrestling have several missing teeth, drive pickup trucks, and never graduated high school. I am a HS graduate, I have all my teeth, and though I do drive a truck, it's not the confederate flag flying kind with mudflaps that have Yosemite Sam saying "BACK OFF" on it!

When I started using Twitter, I saw a few other people I follow tweeting WWE tweets. Female people. EDUCATED, ELOQUENT, FEMALE PEOPLE!! I realized I wasn't alone. It was rather nice!

I watched Wrestlemania 27 last night with my family, but also with a few people online, live tweeting our comments, cheers, jeers, etc across land and sea.

And it was totally cool!

Yep, I think I'll say it again... Hi, my name is Blondefabulous and


Mock me now, bitches!


Russ said...

Still totally mock-worthy! But hey, so long as you enjoy it. We all have our guilty pleasures.

Megan said...

Hee hee! Mitch and Mack watch it, along with Mack's best friend and his father (Mitch's best friend) - and his twin sister!