Monday, April 11, 2011


Not really, but actually FCAT! Yes, it's that time again. The schools will be in full test mode all week this week. Kids will be stressed. Parents will worry. Teachers (here in Fla.) will wonder if their jobs will be at stake because of this! Sigh....

Thanks again to the over 800 McDonald's in Florida for serving a free hot breakfast to 3rd through 11th graders this Monday. It makes a long road of testing look a little shorter!

UPDATE: When the kids and I got to the McDonalds we were planning on going to for the FCAT breakfasts, We hit the drive thru, but saw a sign that said, "FCAT breakfasts need to be ordered inside please!" OK. No problem. My thoughts were leaning towards they wanted to keep the DT from getting wrapped with school kids. So we drove around and parked. We walked in and ordered and I even purchased a coffee because I just feel bad not buying anything when they are providing a healthy meal! As we waited, there was a tall woman who came inside and began LOSING HER SHIT!!!! I mean she was having a complete and total melt down! Why, you ask?


Really?!? You are going to curse and bitch about the manner in which you're getting something for FREE?? And yes, this woman was cursing with foul language in front of everyone, including children waiting in line! It seems she had ignored the sign on the drive thru ordering box that said she had to come inside, and when they wanted to charge her for the food, she went nuts! She called the poor manager every name in the book, and when the manager said Well ma'am, I thought you had read the sign.", the lady started with the most asinine rant of, "How do you know I know how to read? What if I didn't know how to read??!!" Uh, really....again?!? If you don't know how to read, I hope you wouldn't be driving. The kicker of it all was this woman, this oh so eloquent woman who used foul language and berated a simple food service employee for just doing their job......


Yes, this was a TEACHER! This foul, disagreeable ingrate was in charge of showing children how to act! I hoped she wouldn't be anywhere near MY kids anytime soon! It just goes to show that no good deed goes unpunished I guess. Luckily, we kinder, more appreciative parents far out numbered this ingrate.

I want to say again, THANK YOU MCDONALDS FOR HELPING THE MONDAY FCAT MORNING GO A LITTLE SMOOTHER.... at least, for those of us who can read!


Russ said...

Like school on Saturday!

Megan said...

I hope she's one of the teachers that gets dumped. What an ass.

No FCAT for my son this year - his school is doing the SATs instead, which are used for advanced placement, etc.

Putz said...

i guess when you become big like cdonalds or molewart people just like to complsain