Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Everyone who has read this probably knows I have 2 kids with Type 1 Diabetes. Yesterday was interesting. Usually, people have to take insulin to control how high their sugar levels get, but Junior had been running low all day. I went to pick him up at school, and the nurse said she had to give him an extra snack at 2pm! Then, after we got home I had him check again and he was 79! I quickly made him a sandwich and got him half a soda and 15 minutes later had him test again. WE WERE NOW AT 71!!! No no no no no! So I got him another snack to eat and the rest of the night basically went like that... him testing, me feeding him, and him testing again!! I had to cancel derby practice for both him and myself. Can't have him expending all his sugar skating and dropping dead on the track! And boy was he pissed off. Being low already had him acting grumpy, so when I told him he couldn't go to derby practice he was LIVID!

Finally, after feeding him all night, I went and got an Oreo ice cream pie and fed him a big piece! Sounds weird, giving a diabetic a super sugary dessert, but I was at my wits end! He finally gt up to an acceptable level and we all went to bed. Whew... I hate those kinds of days.

In other news, Alex is over for day two. This morning he was completely opposite from how he was yesterday! He didn't want Mama to leave him yesterday, today he was kicking Mom out of the truck so we could go! He was so excited to drive in the big truck! Now we're watching "Cars" again while he snacks on rice chips and juice! I think he likes it here!

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Putz said...

DO YOU KNOW I WOULD RATHER BE IN DIABETIC SHOCK{LOW BLOD SUGAR THAN } INSULIN high blood sugar although you can die from both of them