Friday, March 11, 2011


Just this Thursday I posted a blog that had all of about 5 words.

"Today is a bad day."

I had awakened to a thundering storm outside, when my husband tried to get a little snuggle cuddle, my joints protested thanks to a combination of the storm and Aunt Flo getting ready to settle in for her monthly stay, and it was still spring break for the kids and they were wound up AND trapped inside on a rainy day! Add to that HHH has been moody since finding out his Property Manager quit suddenly and the temps the company has been running through the office have all been trying to do everything 180 from what he and the other guys are used to and it was just a crappy, crappy day. It was the kind of day where it all turned inward and I questioned everything. What am I doing? I'm almost 40, what the hell am I doing? I'm sure we all have done it at one point or another. I chalked my turn as hormones and a dreary day. The day did eventually get better. HHH came home and said he was sorry for being moody. I told him I was sorry he didn't get any that morning and promised to take some Tylenol so I wouldn't hurt at the slightest touch, and we made dinner together. Over all, it ended well and I went to sleep, comfortable that tomorrow would be a better day.

Then I woke to find this. Destruction. Tsunami. It looked awful. There is also the nuclear plant that may leak, and the hundreds of bodies that are washing up, and the mudslides!

Suddenly, my bad day looked like a tiny blip.

I woke up and I still had my family. I still had a place to live. My town was intact and functioning. I had power, and indoor plumbing, and food to eat. The people in the affected areas of Japan had none of that. I have friends here who are distraught because they know people who live in Japan who may have been affected by this and haven't heard from them yet. I know where all my friends are. I thought about how I was being such a puss the day before. It kicked me in the ass, it did!

I needed it.

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