Saturday, March 26, 2011

Junior Derby

I am a roller girl, but I am also a mom. My children, cutie pies that they are, saw how much fun I was having at derby and decided to get in on the action. They joined the junior derby league we have here and before you could say "Boom shaka laka!" started competing in the inter-league bouts that get put on once a month! Saturday, one of those bouts occurred! It was the Dr. Seuss themed "Hoodwinks vs. Thing-a-ma-jigs" showdown with all proceeds going to the Literary council! There was even a book donation that netted quite a haul.

My two kidlets were awesome! Morgan had a really good block in the second or third jam, and Junior got to realize his dream of sending his sister to the penalty box for committing a major penalty. (Mouth guard not in on the floor.) It was a great day! I have no voice from all the yelling and cheering I did!

Now to prep for the bout in South Daytona on the 16th of April!!

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