Friday, March 25, 2011

In The Movies.

The upcoming Sarasota Film Festival is going to have a decidedly "Derby" air to it! There will be not one, but two films that have a roller derby theme to them!! (and I'm an extra in one of them!) The first is a documentary about the Bradentucky Bombers called "DERBY GIRLS: Inside The Bradentucky Bombers" by Amanda Ibasfalean. The other one is a film called "Crushed" that was starred in by our own Missionary Mary Position!! That's the one I'm in as an extra.

How cool it that??

Show times for "Crushed" are:
Friday, April 15th @ 12pm
Sunday, April 17th @ 7pm
@the Hollywood 20 theater in Downtown Sarasota FL.

Come on down to Sarasota and take in a short flick!!

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