Thursday, March 17, 2011

Down Town Get Down.

I spent St. Patrick's Day evening at the Down Town Get Down in beautiful down town Bradenton. It's a thing that happens once a month on the old main street to get the community out and interacting with each other. I had never been to one. The Bombers usually have a table there and hand out info about the team and what ever bout we have coming up next.

Sooooo.... for my first DTGD, I had to pick St. Patrick's Day! Holy green underpants! It was really busy! There was live bands, a mardi gras float with Pirates and Conquistadors throwing beads, and food, food, FOOD! I ate a bratwurst with potato salad and OMG it was heavenly! I was the only one with skates on and we must have handed out a gazillion flyers! I was also the only one who wasn't drunk!! LOL! I prefer to drive stone cold sober!

So it was a blast. I had fun. I'll probably do it again next month when DTGD rolls around!

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