Friday, February 25, 2011

So Over it!

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This crap I have had for the last two weeks may finally be on it's way out! I have been sucking on bottles of Nyquil and mainlining Dayquil so much that I am surprised I don't ooze the stuff from every orifice! It's been rough, I know that much. The worst was last weekend. You'll remember, that was when I had the family weekend in Orlando at Universal planned ON TOP OF our opening roller derby bout in Ocala Fl. We had originally planned the weekend so we could catch the B52's in concert at the Mardi Gras celebration in Universal Studios, but I missed that. The ick was making me so tired that by 8:30pm every night I was in bed and asleep. Talk about feeling old!! I missed the Mardi Gras parade, missed the concert, and I'm quite sure my family was soooooo thrilled about taking me for a drag around the parks during that day! (sarcasm!)

Oh, and then there was the bout in Ocala!! Holy crap! I wasn't sure what I was going to do to be ready. I was sneezing, coughing, couldn't take a full breath, and dipping back and forth between running a fever and not running a fever. I had no clue what to do. Then I came up with a new cocktail that solved all my problems. I call it the Hell On Wheels.

1 Sugar free Red Bull shot.
2 tbsps. Dayquil
1 32oz. bottle of orange Gatorade.

Swish together well and chug, chug, chug!!! I was on my feet and ready to hit! It lasted till after the bout and almost through the after party, but eventually it wore off and I just wanted to come home and snuggle with HHH.

So now I think I am finally on the mend from this icky what ever it is I caught from Mad Cap! (at least, I think it was her!) Thankfully, I didn't give it to the kids or HHH. Now, on to spring and all the pollen and crap that comes with that!


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