Saturday, February 26, 2011


Ketoacidosis waiting on the next jam to start, He was outside pack ref.
Dyna-Mo playing pivot for her team and signaling her blockers to come to the front and make a wall & block the opposing jammer.
Dyna-Mo jamming for the Sly Doggies.
If you haven't seen my Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr, You don't know that my lovely kidlets had their first bout for Junior Derby on Saturday. Junior is AKA- Ketoacidosis the Ref and Morgan is AKA- Dyna-Mo! It went really well and the team Morgan was on, the Sly Doggies, won 134 to 114. All the kids did really well. The one penalty that kept popping up over and over was mouth guard. (If you're on the track, ya gotta have it in!) Everyone had fun and the kids raised $$ for the Manatee Humane Society. I was so proud of both of my little derby demons!

Can't wait till the next bout!

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Karl said...

Very cool. Way to go, mini Fabulousos! And I think it's a very worthy cause. Someone needs to teach those manatees to be more humane!