Wednesday, February 23, 2011


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There are a lot of lazy things people do in this world. Changing traffic lanes without signaling? LAZY! Putting the milk carton back in the refrigerator with 1 teaspoon of milk in it? LAZY!! Dirty clothes dropped on the floor instead of in the hamper? L-A-Z-Y!!! As a former cleaning lady, I had seen it all.... All the piled up trash cans, heaps of dishes in a sink next to an empty dishwasher, nasty used condoms/sex toys/lube bottles, etc... you name it, all in the name of being a lazy bastard!

Today I saw something that just irked me!

Ever since we have had a dog, I have cleaned up after him. First with Toby, then Bernie, and now Gobo. Our apartment community has Dog Pot baggie stations all over the grounds so people can pick up after their pets when the do the doo. I always make sure I have a bag before hand by taking a new bag as I'm dropping the used one in the Dog Pot can and tying it around the handle of the retractable leash! Nothing is more annoying than being out in the dark at 5:30am while the dog is doing the hunch dance and trying to remember where he made his "deposit" after having shuffled over to get a bag! Well, I guess not everyone is like me in that respect!

This morning, as I was walking over to the Dog Pot station to drop off Gobo's leavings, I almost stepped in the BIGGEST pile of dog shit I have ever seen!! It was almost as big as my dog!!! And you wanna know the kicker to it all?


One frickin' foot!! Who the fuck is that damn lazy?? The bags and the can are right there you lazy punter! Be a decent human and pick up your dog's damn shit! Now, there are lot's more people here who don't pick up their dog's crap, but that one just tweaked me something fierce. If you love your pets, pick up their crap!

Anyone else have this problem where they live?


Russ said...

What slays me, in addition to allowing pets to crap on my yard and then not clean it up, is when someone actually bags it and then leaves the bag on the ground. Dude, you've done the hard part! Just find a trash bin, it ain't hard.

Christina LMT said...

Where I live now, it doesn't matter, but back in Vegas it was a HUGE problem! What pissed me off the most were the folks who wouldn't pick up after their dogs in the dog park. I mean, you have DOZENS of dogs running around, and you know probably every one of them is going to drop a load somewhere. And it never failed that due to some asshole's laziness, I or one of my dogs would end up stepping, sitting, lying in it. UGH and GROSS!