Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Don't Do Valentine's Day

I thought about it long and hard and I have come to a conclusion.

I just don't do Valentine's Day.

See, usually when ever HHH and I have tried to do something for Valentine's day, it either ended in disaster or never got off the ground. I remember one time, we made reservations at The Melting Pot up while we were living in Memphis. We got there on time, but had to wait for our table. We ordered champagne, but it was a half bottle, not a full one. We ordered the special Fillet & Lobster dinner for two, but the chef and kitchen staff forgot to de-vein the lobster and I got a big old mouthful of lobster poo. You see the trend here, right? Yeah. It usually goes like this. And that is when we can go out. With HHH being a maintenance guy, there is the high probability he will be on call, negating the possibility of going out at all. So much for that.

Then there's the part where I REFUSE to pay big $$$$ for stuff that usually costs $ when it isn't some holiday. Why do flowers that normally cost $15 suddenly cost $60 just because of the date? And don't give me that "supply and demand" crap. These retailers have enough supply. They spend months getting ready. I can understand if there was a shortage, but if there is a shitload of stuff left over on February 15th??? Well, then there was enough supply!

I don't know.... maybe I'm just not much of a romantic. I really want to be, but it just never works out that way, so I pretty much just let it go. I get the kids their Valentine's from the store to take to school and that's that. Sometimes we will exchange gifts. This year HHH asked me what I wanted and I told hin a Keurig. Well, he got me a Keurig a week or so ago and it was even red! Valentine's Day is already done! Yay!

Now bring on Easter so I can get the last of the Candy Centric Holidays out of the way. Halloween to Easter is just a frickin' nightmare for diabetics! And don't forget that I will be posting the winner of the CSN Gift Code Contest on Friday!! Remember to come back and check!


Putz said...

i don't believe you, what i do believe is that you are intensely romantic most days of your life<><><>you put the bite in excitment and creative living <><>and i know what i am talking about since you and i go way way back

Russ said...

It's a Hallmark day anyway. It's for people who aren't willing/able to tell their loved ones that they love them on a daily basis.

Putz said...

and i do agree with russ, you fall in the category of loving on a dily basis, russ and nichole