Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Home Sick!

The Eldest is home sick today. She has had the coughing crap ever since last week. Maybe even before that. She went with us to derby last night but she sounded awful. On the way home we stopped off at Wall to Wall Mart, got medicine and chocolate, and came home to shower and sleep. I ate chocolate and then took 2 of the cold pills because I was having trouble breathing through my nose.
Hoo doggie! I woke up this morning with a whopper of a stomach ache. Oh yippee.

So Eldest is on the couch under blankets while the other two are at school. I made it to and from without barfing so yay for me. Now to get through the day!

What are you all doing??


Megan said...

Hope you both feel better really soon.

Putz said...

i' m listening to you tell your woes of your eldest being sick and thinking , well i sure wish she wasn't sick