Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bout Photos!

Yakuza won MVP.
Junior reffing tonight's Jr. Derby Exhibition.
FMDG's ladies skating.
Presentation of Best Jammers & Blockers.
Oh Sweet Nubblets/Ketoacidosis warming up.
Warming up!
Calling the jam.
Cham-Pain Super Nova at the Merch table!

It was a great game. Bradentucky led the whole game till the last jam. Then FMDG caught up right at the end and it looked like they won by 1 point,


FMDG's jammer committed a foul by calling off the final jam when she wasn't the lead jammer, causing the head ref to call for an overtime penalty jam. Tenacious C ripped around the track, scored 2 points to take Bradentucky over the top 167 to 166!! It was a nail biter all the way and the teams played awesome. Can't wait till it's my turn next Sunday in Ocala!

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