Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Because I'm Awesome.....

.... I just realized that the very same weekend that our family is going to be in Orlando for some celebrating of the two little ones birthdays and for HHH and myself to see the B52's is also the very same weekend of my first bout!!

It's an away bout against the Ocala Cannibals. It's on 2/20/11.

Oh. Mai. GAWD!!!

How the hell did I let that happen?? Shit shit shit! So now I'm trying to figure what the hell I'm going to do that weekend! AUGH!! It's looking more like we are going to go up on Friday, spend the day at the parks, stay over on Friday night, go to the parks again on Saturday, stay for the B52's concert, stay over on Saturday night, drive back Sunday morning so I can catch the team carpool up to Ocala, play the bout, go to the after party, then drive back to home!!

Holy Jebus, that's a lot of miles!!!

Kyrie Elasion!(That's Latin for God have mercy for you noobs!)